Thursday, February 18, 2010

I needed a break...

From blogging. Sorry. I feel like I needed a break from all TTC stuff. Its been really nice being off the message boards, blogs (other peoples), as well as not temping (no need now!). I am currently on hiatus since I am on BCC! I started my period early last cycle... the earliest in my life... which means the Met has kicked in! Woo hoo! I ovulated on CD25! C and I weren't really trying last cycle, so of course I was prepared for my period to come. Surgery has to take place between CD6-11, and since I started my period earlier than expected, Dr. D had me go on the pill. It seems weird to be back on it since we WANT A BABY!!

Anyways... 7 days til my surgery!! In exactly one week I will be on my way to ttc again! I am ready. I know this sounds crazy, but I am sooo excited to have my surgery! Obviously, not about all the pain that goes with it, but the thought we get to REALLY try again!!

Last weekend was VDAY... C and I spent a MUCH needed vacation down in San Diego. It was fabulous! We drove down Saturday the 13th (the day C proposed 3 years prior!). It was such a beautiful day. We stopped in Carlsbad and had lunch at a fish house that over looked the ocean. We sat outside and had fish taco's (the only kind of fish I will eat!) It was absolutely the best (most fattening) fish "taco" I have ever had. A deep fried (I don't eat fried food) white fish wrapped in a whole wheat tortilla with Coleslaw. It was yummy and I didn't even think about the calories!

We got to our resort and it was beautiful. The lobby had a waterfall coming down and a pond with fish in it. All over the resort there are ducks, geese and even parrots! After we checked in, we decided to take a walk on the harbor and then ended up having Mai Thai's at a little restaurant connected with the resort. I hadn't had a Mai Thai since Hawaii two years ago! Later we walk down to Pacific Beach and had our Valentines at a Steak House on the board walk. It was nice.

The following day we went to Sea world. It was a perfect day since it was Valentines, not many people were there. We watch a couple shows, fed the dolphins (my favorite!), and the sea lions. It was great.

Overall our trip was exactly what we needed. To reconnect, de-stress, and just love each other.

We are now on the countdown for surgery and are excited to see what God has in store for us next...
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