Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Solids equals poop!

When I complained about the poop during the newborn phase everyone said "just wait until they start solids!"  I really didn't understand what that meant completely.  I thought that the consistency would obviously be different, and of course the smell, but the frequency?  That had not crossed my mind.

Once the boys started eating solids at about 6 months we have been blessed with uninterrupted sleep.  However, after about a week, their systems started REALLY working again!  I'm back to changing diapers like crazy!  These boys are poop machines and I'm not exaggerating!  At bedtime I change about FOUR diapers!  After bath time and feeding, they poop!  Then at night they wake up because they poop (I put them back to bed with a pacifier), sometimes at 2 in the morning!  And lets not even get into the blowouts! Each baby had a nice one for mommy today! Its poop central here!

Prior to this they were pooping once a day.  I think its getting better and I'm assuming the solids are a shock to their systems and it will eventually even out and hopefully go back to once a day.

Here is a pick of my "poopy" boys I took yesterday...  How can so much poop come from these sweet little angels!?  Its moments like these that make all this poop worth it! ha ha.  They love holding hands!


Friday, February 24, 2012

I Just Haven't Felt Like It!

I always said if (when) I had kids, I wouldn't be one of those bloggers who just quit blogging!  I felt like I would have so much more to write about.  I would want to document all that is going on with my baby(ies).  Well, it looks like time and my two little babies have got the best of me.  I dread having to get on the computer... and write!  Why is that?

I would much rather sit on the floor and play with my lil guys.  They are staying awake so much longer now (2 hours!) and then when they do nap, I either have to get ready for the day, clean up, check a couple emails, plan dinner, catch up on the phone with friends, etc.  Lets just say the day gets filled up pretty quick.

I am STILL breastfeeding.  However, I did get VERY sick with Mastitis, plugged ducts and all.  My milk supply took a big hit.  I was in tears thinking I was drying up!  I had a fever of 101.4 body aches and all.  I was about to give up, because I DID MAKE IT 6 MONTHS!  But I some how found the motivation to pump again, take Fenugreek, and drink 1 beer a day.  My milk is back.  However, I am not producing enough to feed two exclusively.  I have one booby boy and one temperamental baby.  Rocco I am exclusively breastfeeding, Maximus I still beast feed in the morning (when I have the most milk) and he also gets 1-2 more bottles of breast milk a day and then the rest formula.  I honestly don't think he was eating enough before, because all of a sudden he is gaining weigh again like a champ.  Rocco is CHUBBY, Maximus was long and lean, but is now filling out some.  He also fought with reflux, and had a slight case of pneumonia (both didn't help with his eating).

I have made all of their baby food.  My freezer is stocked... Organic Yams, Green beans, Peas, Yellow and Green Zucchini, Butternut squash, Acorn squash, Apples, Pears, and Banana's.  They also love their cereal.  It makes me feel so good to give them the best!  I love how VIBRANT the colors are in comparison to store bought baby food (which there is NOTHING wrong with giving your baby!).  However we are saving tons of money by doing this as well.  One jar of earths best is $.99.  They eat three meals a day that would be $6/day!!  I can make 14 servings of organic fresh food for that price!  Plus I enjoy cooking. So its easy:)

My freezer...

Other news...

We bought a house!  It has been an emotional roller coaster.  We did a 60 day escrow.  All was going great, but then 5 days prior to closing my husbands company decides to close the Mortgage dept.  I.E. My husband loses his job.  Luckily, he had a tip off from someone hire up in the company and had another job lined up.  We almost lost the house (MY DREAM HOME!!!!) (due to an employment verification) and we had to cancel the Kauai trip (boo!), but we are currently in beautiful Palm Springs making up for it... our first family VACATION! We get the keys to our new house on March 1, but we aren't going to move in for a couple weeks so we can paint, carpet, etc.

Here is our new home...

Isn't a beauty!?!  We own our town home so we are going to rent it out.  We already have a renter lined up... Thank you Craigslist!

For the boys 5 month photo's we did "Mommy and Me"(Most of the photo's my Mommy)...

Rocco and Maximus



Maximus's first time on the grass and LOVIN IT!

Rocco's first time on the grass

For their six month photo's we did "Dadddy and Me" (photo's by Mommy)...

I hope you enjoy!!!  Miss you all!!  I'm going to TRY to blog a little more often! :)

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