Friday, October 10, 2014

Here we go again...

Looks like we are moving on for baby #3! Ahhhhhhhh!!!!  It is shocking really and hasn't totally set in!  I mean... I can't believe we are going to do this all over again!  But, I'm also very excited!

Really, we were both hoping and praying for a magical little miracle to happen. But it didn't.

Our appointment was Sept. 26.  I was anxious.  I wasn't sure how it was going to go.  Chris wasn't 100% he wanted to go through it again.  We had concerns.

I walked into the RE's office and my eyes started tearing up!  The nurse looked one look at me and remember me immediately! Its been FOUR YEARS since I walked out of there, also with tears in my eyes (happy tears of course!).  We made it full circle.

Dr. R is amazing, honestly.  He gave me a big hug and was excited to see how Rocco and Maximus were doing.  We all chatted for a bit casually.  Then came the questions.

We were concerned about embryo's in particular.  Lets recap... Last time, I made 29 eggs and I was on the lowest dose of medicine apparently.  I DO NOT want 29 embryos.  I honestly have a tough time making more than we need.  He suggested to ICSI 8 of them and we would likely get 2 blasts.  That seems like a lot to me still.  I suggested 6, and he agreed that would suffice.  We would then freeze any extra eggs, incase it doesn't work, so I would at least not have to go through the entire IVF process again with egg retrieval.

Has anyone done this?  I literally had a nightmare last night that we had all of our ICSI'd eggs become perfect blasts.  I do not think I could live with myself.  I could not have all of these babies.  I could not live knowing that I had kids growing up somewhere with another family near by (if we adopted them out), and I do not think I could destroy them!  What to do?!  I guess I'm still really torn on the number.

We have a little time to figure it out, pray, pray, pray, and TRUST God will guide us into the best outcome!

Right now I'm in the waiting phase... currently in the middle of my cycle.  I have to wait to start my period and then start the BCP's. We have a little time to figure it out again.

Thoughts welcome!

I thought I would share this picture I took of my twins today.  They are truly best buddies... and are asking for a little brother or sister! We are praying!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

What Are The BEST PCOS Supplements for Battling My Symptoms?

It's been a while since I written about fighting with my health.  It's not perfect, it never will be, but its better than its been in a long time.  After writing my story, I've had some definite ups and downs with my health.  I fought anemia and adrenal fatigue this past year.  I switched up some supplements had some successes and some definite failures.  However, after much trial and error, and having so much success with Pregnitude alone, I found my perfect and favorite PCOS stack (which I shared on my INSTAGRAM) and I thought I would share with you!

Pregnitude. It is pharmaceutical grade Myo-Inositol with added folic acid.  I had been using Source Naturals Myo-Inositol, but I didn't have the same success.  Pregnitude works to improve insulin resistance, just like Metformin, but it comes without any of the side effects.  It is all natural.

Gelatinized Maca.  It is better than raw Maca, because it is more concentrated and more digestible.  Maca is a Peruvian superfood, known to help balance hormones, give energy, stamina endurance.  Both men and women benefit and helps with sperm mobility and production as well!  I take 2 tsp. per day.  It has a nutty flavor and mixes easily in my smoothies or shakeology.  I also make Maca Chia power balls that are a delicious treat to healing.

Vitex Chasteberry.  I am using the tincture, which tastes totally disgusting, but it is much more effective than pills.  I take 1 dropper full in a shot glass mixed with water 2 times a day, like I do with pregnitude.  Vitex is an amazing herb that helps increase progesterone naturally and thus balancing the hormones.  PCOS causes an imbalance of progesterone and estrogen leaving women Estrogen and testosterone dominant.  I have never been good about taking this one because of the taste, but using a shot glass helps.

I just recently added after stopping Natural Progesterone Cream.  Natural Progesterone cream also helps to balance hormones, but it can also cause fat storage and make it difficult to lose weight.  I was having this problem and I couldn't figure out what was going on!  I was then told by a wellness consultant it was likely the progesterone cream. Ugh!  I immediately stopped it and switched to vitex.  I look forward to seeing if it helps.

Cinnamon and Chromium.  These are usually combined into one or two pills.  I take these to help with insulin.  It is recommended that we take 2000mg Cinnamon and 1000 mg of Chromium.  This is also great for those with diabetes.  I have major issues with blood sugar.  I have never been diagnosed with insulin resistance, but I am definitely hypoglycemic.  It has been a bit worse lately too!  I began eating 5 times a day years ago to help with this.  I have to really watch my carb/protein intake as well.  I can not eat carbs by themselves and I ALWAYS pair protein with them.  Again, good for everyone!

I use this cinnamon, but you will need to add a little extra Chromium.  This only has 2oo mg.

MEGA GLA.  Gamma Linolenic Acid  helps not only during TTC (Trying to Conceive) with healthy Cervical Mucus, but also it is known to decrease floating androgen's in the body.  This helps reduce acne, excess body hair and hair loss. I take 2 per day during the first half of my cycle and 1 pill the second half.

Tumeric. Another superfood that is great for everyone!  Its main function is to reduce inflammation in the body.  When our bodies are not running well or in balance, it can become inflamed.  For myself, it shows up on my face.  I have struggled my whole life with horrible acne.  When I splurge off my diet, or don't take my supplements like I should my face loves to tell everyone.  You cannot hide acne.  Tumeric does help with that, however, and many other things...

Ironically, much of the research done on PCOS and supplements is always geared more for infertility or TTC.  But what comes after baby?  We still need to be in charge of our health, we still have an imbalance of hormones that can lead to disease!  Fighting PCOS Naturally is doable and much safer than taking any drugs.

Have you had any success with these supplements?  Where are you at in your journey?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm Baaaaaack!

Okay!  I know I said I was shutting this blog down, but I just couldn't do it.  For some reason, I decided to click on my old gmail email and low and behold, I had a ton of comments from when I did the Pregnitude review!  How funny!  I am loving my other blog, Loving Life Naturally, but I really miss the community aspect we had on here.

I didn't know what God had in store for us (I still don't, I guess).  But, for some reason I feel God leading me to write on here again...  Maybe it is because we just made another appointment with Dr. R!  Eeek!

Fertility update...  We have been patiently waiting for a miracle over here.  We haven't used any form of birth control in over two years and sadly, no baby.  Thats okay though!  I think its just been in God timing!  I am finally able to get up and breath again with my two!  However, I just ordered Pregnitude again, because I really feel I have had the best success with it, in controlling my PCOS, along with the addition of Natural Progesterone Cream (we are all deficient).  I was using this Myo Inositol, but I don't feel like its the same quality as pregnitude, unfortunately, because it is a lot cheaper!

So why are we seeing Dr. R?  To discuss the possibilities of baby #3! Our appointment isn't until September 26. So in the mean time, we are PRAYING over here for God to say YES or NO!  I only want to follow his plan for us.  I'm OKAY if it's a no, but I am ready for another little one :)

Anyway, Can you believe my boys are now THREE years old!?  We just celebrated their third birthday on August 5.  Here is couple updated pictures of them...
Maximus and Rocco

Rocco and Maximus
Yes, we had a pirate party for their third birthday!  It was a blast!  The boys are BFF's and have the greatest time together.  They are so much fun and we love them so much! They are busy busy boys.  I would love to say they are extremely brilliant, creative, lovable, caring, cuddly, sweet, like every Mom says about their kids, and its true! And of course have their unique personalities and individual qualities. Maximus is more passionate about everything and Rocco is Mr. Mellow yellow.  They also test my patients, and have humbled me beyond measure.  I have cried out to the Lord for his help in parenting my strong willed boy (Maximus), because only by his Grace and strength can I do this!  They have brought me great joy and I have to say going through IF, has been a blessing!  I would never change it.

 It is getting easier talking about infertility to strangers.  Because I have twins, so many people randomly and I would like to say thoughtlessly ask me if they are from IVF.  I used to become speechless, but I now realize that they are not MY story, they are the Lords!  From the beginning they have been His!  Before we every conceived, I promised the Lord, the children he gives me would be His. So, I can now RAISE MY HEAD HIGH, and tell strangers of the great miracle the LORD did to have these two for us.  How can I keep that to my self?  Hopefully, that story blesses them in some way!

So will the Lord give us another miracle?  We'll have to wait and see!  Stay tuned... and prayers welcomed!  God Bless everyone!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Loving Life... Naturally!

Hey everyone!  I am happy to announce that I am moving locations!  I have started a new blog and hope that you will follow along! I have such a passion for natural living that I found I have a ton to write about!  Please join me!

Loving Life... Naturally is the new blog!  Find me at !!!  I'm just getting started, so join and support me in a new adventure that will bring us all to a healthier way of life!

My Pregnitude Experience... the final analysis!

I finished my 6th box of Pregnitude.  I committed to doing a six month personal analysis on taking this supplement.  Lets recap... I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom.  I have struggled, since puberty, with weight gain/weight loss, acne, abnormal cycles ranging from 50 to 80 days, low blood sugar, high testosterone levels, low Vitamin D levels, and last but not least, infertility. I had always trusted my doctors, believing that they had my best interest in mind, believing that medication WAS the only option for me.  I am beyond ecstatic to report that I have had GREAT success with pregnitude or myo inositol.

Here is a little what I have experienced

1. weight loss - I now weigh a healthy 135lbs at 5'6."  I am healthy, strong, and have never felt better.

2. clearer skin-  My skin looks great!  I continue to have breakouts when I am about to start my period, but that is normal for many women.

3. Better ranging cycles- Since beginning pregnitude my cycles have stayed consistently in the 30-39 day range.  I would say that is a significant improvement from 50-80 days, wouldn't you!?

4. I did not conceive a baby.  I know it is marketed towards women TTC.  DH and I did not prevent pregnancy.  We did BD around O time consistently (even though we technically weren't TTC).  Given our diagnosis of IF (DH sperm cannot penetrate my eggs w/out ICSI), I am not surprised.

 My last cycle on Pregnitude during my sixth month commitment was unfortunately my longest at 39 days.  I had committed to take solely Pregnitude during that duration.  However, since I felt my cycles lengthening again I decided to add a few more supplements to my regimen...

    -Cinnamon 2000mg (helps control blood sugar)
    -Vit D 5000iu (I was previously taking only 2000iu)
    -Chromium 800mg (helps with insulin resistance)
    -Biotin 7500mg
    -Calcium 1200mg
    -a whole foods multivitamin (I have always taken)

With the addition of these supplements, I am happy to report I just started AF today and had a 31 day cycle last month!  Yes, that is a lot of supplements.  However, I feel that it beats taking a medication for the rest of my life.  I feel great!

After I finish off the rest of my Pregnitude.  I plan to buy Myo-inositol by itself.  It is cheaper.  Buying pregnitude is great marketing geared towards women TTC.  I have found a ton of supplements for great prices on They are constantly having great deals.

I hope this gives many of you success with your battle with PCOS, as it did for me!

My boys and I taken last week on the Island of Kauai!! Aloha... or "Aloka" as Rocco would say!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

I've been to busy parenting to blog...

                       (I thought the boys were quietly playing with their toys...NOPE! Caught red handed!)

Yup that's right, life with two toddlers is no joke!  I'm so busy!  The holidays came and went. And here we are in January and I am sure its been well over a month since my last post!

Here is what we have been up to...

Christmas came and went... the boys were sick but still enjoyed opening their presents! Santa brought them each a firetruck speed racer, which they totally love!  However, they are still trying to get the whole push with your feet thing down.

We celebrated Christmas while fighting off illnesses.  The boys got VERY sick.  They each had fevers of 102, but kicked the fevers with no problem.  Later that week Rocco got his first ear infection so he ended up on antibiotics.  I didn't know that it is from having too much mucus. I use the Frida Nose sucker (the best invention ever for babies who don't know how to blow yet!), but still it wasn't enough! A few days later, Maximus ended up on the breathing machine because his cold moved to his lungs.

We were worried it was RSV, but thank goodness he was able to recover at home.  I had give him a breathing treatment every 4 hours, even at night!

Finally, Chris was sick and even the DOG ended up on antibiotics!  I was so exhausted from taking care of everyone in the house!  We took off and went to Laughlin,  NV to visit Chris's parents for New years!

After three weeks the boys were able to go to the park again... still a little sicky!  It was their first time out of the state, which was a little exciting!

Two weeks later, it was my birthday, which was last weekend!  I turned the big 3-2!  I hardly feel like it!  I am in the best shape of my life and feel great!  I am not sure what 32 is supposed to feel like but I am surely loving my 30's!  We celebrated in a winter wonderland!  Yes winter finally came to So Cal!  We rented a cabin up in Big Bear, went snowboarding, and played in the snow with the boys!  

My parents were pulling the boys in the sled and Rocco actually fell asleep here!  How cute and funny is that!?  I thought they looked the kid from the Christmas Story movie! So funny... and adorable!

 C and I, ready to hit the slopes!  G & G were babysitting for us!

Our lovely Cabin!

Mommy and Maximus!

That pretty much sums up our lives for the past month!  Life has been very good and yet challenging!  I am loving the age of the boys, yet finding it very hard too!  I am having to discipline more, which is exhausting.  I need a lot more Mommy breaks. And thank goodness I have a supportive husband who allows me to have them!  

I have a couple of blog posts to come! One on elderberries and a Pregnitude update!!  Stay tuned!

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