Sunday, January 2, 2011

Beta #2 11dp5dt!!!

I'm actually sitting here waiting for the call, on pins and needles.  I do have faith that its going to be good but I have moments of fear and doubt.  When I do, I pray.  I've actually been praying like crazy the last couple days.  Praying for God to protect my baby(ies), help them to continue to grow and be safe inside me.  When fear creeps in, I pray that God takes that feeling away.  It helps.

C and I weren't planning on telling anyone besides my parents since we spilled the beans about IVF a few days ago, but we were too excited!  We have never been pregnant before, we are so happy, we want to share our joy, and we want lots of prayer for our babies. 

I called my parents right away.  I didn't tell them that we moved the Beta up to Friday, so we were potentially able to surprise them if the news was good.  My mom answered the phone and we asked if she wanted to come out here tomorrow for the Rose Bowl and dinner.  She put the phone on speaker phone so my dad could hear.  I asked again, and my dad wasn't sure.  I responded, "well I think you should come and celebrate, BECAUSE WE'RE PREGNANT!!"  My mom burst into tears, just like I did.  I could tell my Dad got a little emotional too!  They were so happy!  We ended up going out there because our house is still freezing.  We get our new heater installed tomorrow, thank God!

It was nice visiting.  I slept better out there actually because the last two days, I woke up at 5am and couldn't go back to sleep... too much excitement!  I slept til 7am today and went to bed at 830.  I was so exhausted last night I could barely keep my eyes open!  I think part of it was lack of sleep and part was pregnancy!  I know its so early to "feel" anything, but I do, which makes me worried about the future! 

My brother and sis-in-law came over yesterday as well.  We wanted to surprise them with the news.  They were happy for us and are so excited that their new baby, Sasha, is going to have a playmate.  He (no Sasha is my Nephew) was born Sept 29.  So they'll be close in age.

We also called C's parents, which they are extremely happy.  C's step-mom never had kids so she has been WAITING for grand babies.  I was always worried I wouldn't be able to give them to her.

My only fear is that we told people a little prematurely.  I am so scared about this second Beta #.  I am praying they are okay (I'm going to say they until we know how many since we implanted two).

Here are my "babies" first pics (finally)...

This is the early blastocyst

a little blurry, but this is the 4aa blast (not sure what that line is?)

Here's how they were made!
Sooo glad I didn't POAS before the Beta.  I took this after my 176 BETA!  Those Internet cheapies SUCK!  But there is a second line!  First one EVER! 9dp5dt


Just got off the phone with Tressa!!!  Beta #2... 692!!  We are more than thrilled!  I was so worried for nothing!  Praise the Lord!  I have my first prenatal ultrasound (What!?  I can't believe those two words are coming from my mouth!  Prenatal Ultrasound!?  Me?) scheduled on my 30th Birthday... January 10!  I will be 5 weeks and we will be looking for the gestational sac(s).  Can't wait to find out how many!  I will be happy with one or two, just praying they are healthy!  I don't have any more Beta's scheduled.  I will be seeing them once a week now!!! Yay!

The crazy part is that this is when my first beta was supposed to be!  I would have FREAKED  if this was my first Beta #... 692!  Crazy!


Krista said...

Congrats! I'm soooo happy for you! I just read over your journey and ours are VERY similar! My IVF is next month, so I'll sure be hoping for the same outcome! Again....congrats!!!!

My Vegas said...

yeah! Lovely pics of the little ones! Congrats!

Rosachka said...

That's so cool that they gave you actual pictures of the cells!!! All I got was a printout of the u/s when the embie got transferred (it's just a spark). Can't wait to hear the news regarding the number. Are you hoping for the twins? Hope you can get some rest in a warm house soon. Good luck, and take it easy, mom-to-be :)

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news! What an awesome birthday gift- a peek at your baby(ies)! My U/S is scheduled for the same day... se we can make the wait together. Congratulations again!

Lori Stein said...

Did you stop taking pregnitude once you found out you were pregnant?

Lori Stein said...

Did you stop taking pregnitude once you found out you were pregnant?

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