Sunday, January 9, 2011

5 weeks 2 days...

and I'm thinking I'm starting to get twinges of nausea.  It has been coming in short waves the past week, usually lasting seconds.  Last night C and I went to dinner with friends and it started after dinner (eeew...I feel sick if I think of what I ate!) and has continued til now.  Its not horrible full blown nausea, but just ickiness that sometimes makes me want to gag (again...especially thinking of last nights dinner! gag!).

After finding out we were having TWINS, I was living in utter bliss.  Then shear terror kicked in!  Not because we are having twins and I didn't think I could handle them, but OMGoodness, I can NOT lose one of these/my babies!  They are mine, I love them, and I am so attached to both!  I spent a day googling (I know, shame on me! *slap on hand*).  And at first it made my fears so much worse, but in the end I have, once again, released it, so I can just be happy (again!).

Every time a negative thought pops in my head, I cover it with a positive one, "my babies are going to grow healthy and strong!" And that puts a smile on my face.  So, no more worries, just utter bliss, and being so grateful for these TWO miracles we have, who I thank God for every day!

Thank you so much for your support and kind words of encouragement (and knocking some sense into me Rosachka!)  I love it!  You ladies are the BEST!!!!

My 5 week symptoms update:

-sore boob, blue veins, very full, much more sore than last week (is that possible?)
-twinges of queasiness/nausea, eating doesn't help I still feel sick
-STARVING! I woke up at midnight the other night for a snack (first time!) Other wise, I have been waking up at 6am and HAVE to eat! I'm eating for three now!
-horrible/annoying dull headaches.  But I haven't taken anything for them because they come and go all day
-less cramping, but still there occasionally and also those "stabbing vag pains," both less often
-I can usually do one big thing per day, then I have to either take a rest or nap.  I'm also exhausted by 630, but try to stay up til 9.  Friday night I was asleep by 745, but that's the night I had to eat at midnight.

That's all I can think of right now.  I was really worried about this hunger, I don't want to get fat, just be all belly!  But, I am just listening to my body (babies).  If their hungry, mama's got to feed them :)


Rosachka said...

That's so exciting that you are already getting the pregnancy symptoms. Yei! Hope it will stay at mild aversion and not full blown throwing up thing.

I'm here if you need me :). And hope once I get to that stage, you'll be there to knock some sense into me.

Enjoy your pregnancy, you deserved it!!!

Anonymous said...

So now I am curious... what did you eat for dinner?
Your symptoms sound very similar to mine... Thank you for your encouraging words on my blog... I really needed it!
Hope all is well... take care of your 2 little babies~!

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