Friday, July 29, 2011

Great doctor appointment!

During the NST, babies did awesome, of course, and I only had a couple of little contractions!  Yesterday I didn't even need to take any procardia and I haven't taken any today either!  It seems as if my "irritable uterus" has calmed down a bit!  Dr. I was very happy and decided not to check my cervix today since I haven't had much uterine "activity." 

He then checked the fluid levels and they looked awesome!  Babies are still butting heads at the top of my uterus, right under my ribs.  I asked if my cervix had been dilating or effacing at the last appointment on Tuesday and he said, "Not at all!"  I am so happy that bedrest is working so well.  I asked if that means "I'm off bedrest?"  He said "you can do much more activity now, but I'm not saying go walk around the mall!"  I laughed and said, "I don't think I would be able to walk around the mall!"

So basically, I am off modified bedrest and it has been switched to restricted activity! YAY!  Not really sure how that's going to change, but I will definitely feel more comfortable taking (driving) my dog to the park and letting him play!

I also asked about scheduling a c-section.  At the hospital where I'm delivering, I guess there is a waiting list.  He said it is not worth scheduling because he doesn't think I would even make 38 weeks (we'll see!).  But, I am happy because I am hoping to go into labor naturally, so at least I can experience what labor feels like before my c-section.  I know that can change quickly, however, if fluid is low, etc.

My reminders of why I did so well on bedrest and really rested...  I can't wait to hold and kiss their little cheeks, fingers and toes!

Baby B                                                                               Baby A

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Four weeks of Bedrest down...

Thats right!  I'm 34 weeks today and am so extremely happy to be at this point!  Four weeks ago, when we had the pre-term-labor scare, I wasn't sure if we would make it to 32!  Bedrest WORKS!

Last week I started my twice weekly doctor appointments.  Friday was my first NST (non-stress-test).  Here are a couple pics.  In the first one, I had to click the button every time I felt movement.  With two babies, I'm clicking that thing A LOT!  In the next pic, the top strip monitors contractions and the two lower are for my babies heart rates.  Nurses were in and out trying to find them, because my boys are so active!  Tuesday, I had a few really big contractions that went off the chart!  It measured 100 and the machine couldn't record the peak of the contraction!  Dr. I was happy with the results because both babies did just fine through even the big one!

My cervix is still closed and firm, shockingly enough!  At 34 weeks I'm thinking I can start being a little more mobile too (although I know my boys are NOT ready to come yet).  Bedrest has kept them cooking to get to this safer zone.  I know if they were to deliver, they would be JUST FINE, and only need a little help... 36 weeks is still the goal!

I am still taking it easy on the cleaning and house work... not doing any!  But, I am getting up more to make myself food, getting the mail, pool time, movies, and dinner out.  I went to my first movie on Sunday and saw Friends with Benefits... SUCH a CUTE movie! C dropped me off right in front, where I sat and waited for him to park and buy our tickets.  Then he made me go the bathroom so I didn't have to get up and go in the middle of the movie (which I did anyways!).  After the movie, he had me sit and then went and got the car to pick me up!  He is taking REALLY great care of me... and our babies :)

Both babies are still breech and spinning babies is not working :-/  I have come to terms with having a csection now and am okay with it.  I was really getting used to the idea of a vaginal delivery because baby A was Vertex from weeks 20 - 31!  He's a little stinker!  At my last appointment it showed that Baby A has has dropped into my pelvis, butt first.  It is causing me to pee ALL THE TIME!  At night, I wake up every 2-3 hours to go to the bathroom.  I know this is preparation for whats to come, except I won't be able to go back to sleep, I'll be up feeding and changing diapers!  I can't wait!

Over all I'm still feeling good, just been VERY tired.  I feel like its first trimester all over again!  I have a horrible appetite, nothing sounds good, and I sleep in so late!

My waist has gone from a 27 inches to 44!  I am now looking forward to getting back in shape!  We are planning a family vacation in Maui next June which will be my motivation!  Last summer we spent our 3rd year anniversary in Kauai!  It was amazing!  This year, we'll spend our 4th Anniversary, August 17th, in the hospital or carrying for babies!  I wouldn't have any other way!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Taking Bed Rest Poolside @ 33 weeks...

Taken today at 33 weeks 0 days!

Can you say BIG!?!  I'm feelin it now!  I've got almost 8 lbs of baby in me now.  Baby A is measuring a little over 4 lbs and baby B is measuring a little over 3 and a half.  Dr. I did their measurements on Tuesdays appointment (to my great surprise!).  Originally he wasn't going to do them, I thought, until next week Tuesday and also start NST (non-stress test) next week as well, but I have my FIRST NST tomorrow!  I'm looking forward to it!  I can't wait to hear their heartbeats again.  Because I'm having twins, I RARELY get to hear their hearts because they do ultrasounds at every appointment, so there is really no need.  Yes, I am SUPER spoiled because I have had a million u/s, but I still love to listen to their beats.

I have had a lot of new emotions this past week.  Fear, being the big one.  As excited as I am to meet my sons, I am SCARED.  I am SCARED to go into labor, and I am SCARED to have a CSEC.  I think this fear has crept in since my hospital scare and I had to stay the night.  I think the fear is also there because I have NO CONTROL of what will happen.  I will have to rely completely on doctors and nurses to make the best decisions for my babies and myself. 

Ultimately, I know God is in control.  I began praying for the right delivery for my boys and I, as well.  I pray that they would be in the right position for what ever delivery is best for the three of us.  And so far, they're still breech!  I think they've made up their minds!  I was hoping for a vaginal birth, but I'm okay as long as they are safe.

There is a site called Spinning Babies.  It helps breech or transverse babies flip.  There are techniques or exercises you can do, even with twins, that will help them to flip vertex.  I have been doing a couple of them.  But, so far they aren't budging...

Friday, July 15, 2011

My 32 week bump

I was up for just a minute to take this pic.  32 weeks 1 day...

32 weeks and holding tight!

Thanks for all of your comments on my last post, its good to know I'm not the only one who's been feeling like this! :) 

After my last post, I actually had a really nice night with the hubs!  I was feeling so down about everything I just wanted to feel loved again.  We watched Braveheart (a classic) and cuddled closely on the couch.  It was so nice feeling his arms around me again and even (TMI) made out a bit! ;-)  It was perfect!  So even though, I'm on MBR (modified bed rest) I realized we can still maintain that lovin feeling... even without s-e-x.

I had a doctor appointment again on Tuesday and it went, again, AMAZINGLY, well.  Dr. I was pleasently pleased with cervix and even thought it may have lengthened a bit.  It is firm and closed, which means BR is working!  I am now able to float in the pool AND go to a movie, as long as I don't have to do a lot of walking.

Wednesday, a friend picked me up and took me to her house where we lounged pool side and also floated around... HEAVEN!  It was so nice to get out side and get some vitamin D and just change the scenery from my living room!

With all of this good news, I am really hoping we can make it four more weeks and bring me to week 36!  Its looking good, but would still appreciate prayers that my body still will keep these babies in!

Here's my 32 week update:

How big are the babies: I've got TWO large Jicama's in my belly!
Your babies are really plumping up and will gain almost half their body weight by the time you deliver.  This needed body fat will help to keep them warm in the outside world.  The layer of soft lanugo hair is also starting to shed.

Over the next few weeks your babies real hair and skin will become smooth and soft.

Total weight gain: I'm still at 33 lbs!  Geeze!   I am sure I'm losing precious muscle and gaining flab. 

Sleep: Great!  I've been sleeping in a lot more now too!  On Sunday I woke up at 10!!!  I haven't done that in years!
GENDER: Two precious little BOYS!!!! We are more than blessed :)

Movement: Lots!  Some days it a lot more than others.  This morning they were literally going crazy in there!  I love it!

Food Cravings: I feel like its first trimester all over again!  My appetite is really funky and I am not very hungry.  Most of the time I know I'm hugry because I start having heartburn!  Once I eat it goes away.  I rarely "feel" like eating anything.

What I miss: Going on walks with my Dog and husband.  I also really miss yoga, my neck is getting sore from all the lounging.

What I'm looking forward to: This weekend I'm celebrating 4th of July at my parents!  On the actual day, I was stuck inside on Strict BR.  We have fireworks to light off and I plan on floating in the pool.  My parents also plan on BBQing... a classic American meal!  Hamburgers (and vegeburgers), coleslaw, fruit salad, peach pie and vanilla ice cream!  I can't wait!  Don't worry I will be very taken care of and won't be up serving myself :)

Milestones: I made my first goal of 32 weeks!!!!  This is a big milestone in lung development with babies!  Basically babies born anytime from now, will be just FINE! 

Symptoms: My hands are swollen.  I can no longer wear my rings... well, I haven't been able to in weeks.  I believe starting at week 31, I woke up with painful joints in my fingers.  I know its from the swelling, but it feels like artheritis!  My feet aren't too bad.  I think because I keep them elevated most of the day it helps :)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Marraige On Hold

Yesterday was a very hard day.  It ended in crying, by me.  I think sitting around gives me too much time to think.  Bed rest has been VERY challenging in many ways.  It is especially difficult on our marriage.  I don't want to sound like now we are struggling in any way, because that is the FARTHEST from the truth.  Its just that being unable to do ANYTHING for yourself, let alone your husband, changes the dynamics of a relationship.  I feel like a sick patient and he has to take care of me.  Its not the loving marraige I'm used to.  I was in tears yesterday because I was sad on how much things are changing, and how much of an invalid I feel.

My husband is my best friend and love of my life.  I was hoping these last few weeks, where it is just the two of us, we would be able to ENJOY each other.  I know once the babies come home, our relationship will take another turn, which is what we wanted and have been waiting for, but it is also scary since "the end" is now in sight.  I guess its scary because its the unknown.  I have no idea how its going to be, how WE are going to be as parents and as partners.  For now it seems like our marriage is, in a sence, on hold for a while... at least until we get the hang of being parents!

What gives me comfort is I always remember that God gives us what we can handle.  He felt and knew that WE could handle this twin pregnancy, WE could handle the bed rest, WE could handle being parents to twin boys, and then We can handle and endure all of this and keep our marraige strong!  As hard as it is right now, I remind myself, in the end all will be well!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

31 weeks and counting...

We made it another week!  My babies are safe and kicking away in my belly. In fact, sometimes the kicks actually hurt!  They are both breech now and are butting heads at the top of my tummy.  Sometimes it feels like they are kicking my cervix and it makes me jump!  I'm sure its actually baby A, because his little butt was resting right on top of my cervix at my last peri appointment.

Bed rest is going... okay!  Its getting better each day and I'm now in kind of a rhythm.  I wake up, take a shower before going downstairs (three flights... we live in a tri-level town home).  C makes me breakfast and fills up a pitcher of water for me before heading to work.  C's sister comes and is staying with me for the day, which has been a God send, and helps with whatever I need... food, water, errands, walking my dog, cleaning, etc.  We are paying her so its a win win for us all.  She needed a job.  We figure its totally worth the money to have help around here and keep these babies safe!

I'm still staying downstairs throughout the day and then going up only for bed.  I'm having less and less contractions and I think it is due to all the rest and the gallons of water I'm drinking.  I remember reading when I was first pregnant that with twins during third trimester, you need to drink TWO gallons of water a day to prevent pre-term labor.  I thought I was drinking enough, but now I'm not so sure.  Having this pitcher here for me really helps and I can see how much it is that I'm drinking... 2-3 pitchers a day!

How far along: 31 weeks 0 days!

How big are the babies: They are squashes... still!

Baby's going through major brain and nerve development these days. His irises now react to light, and all five senses are in working order. (He won't pick up anything from his nose until after birth, though -- smell is transferred through air, not amniotic fluid.)

Total weight gain: I haven't weighed myself in a couple days, but last time I checked I was the same... up 33 lbs!  However, I totally feel like after 1 week of bed rest I'm already getting flabby.  I hate that feeling!  I did yoga from weeks 6 to 30 which has kept me in shape, but now its going down the drain.  Hopefully I only have to stay down for a few more weeks.  Plus I know a little flab is so worth it if it means keeping my boys safe!  I already have a jogging stroller so I'll be ready to go when I get the okay.

Sleep: Still good!  I swear by my snoogle pillow!  It was the best investment!  All I read is how so many people sleep so horribly in the third trimester (knock on wood!) with a singleton!  So I'm saying its the pillow... I sleep like a baby!

GENDER: Two precious little BOYS!!!! We are more than blessed :)

Movement: Sometimes I feel like I can grab a hand or foot.  They poke at me I poke back!  Lots of fun, but I'm not sure they like it.  They move when I poke back! He He

Food Cravings: mmm... nothing new.  My appetite is funky.  Sometimes I feel like normal food and sometimes not.  I can't really be picky anymore since I can't cook though and I'm stuck on the couch.  Plus we have people from our church delivering food to us a few times a week which is sooo nice!!!

What I miss: Well lets see... doing anything for myself!

What I'm looking forward to: I have a doctor appointment tomorrow, so I'm hoping that my blood pressure stays down and I don't start trembling when I walk in the door!  I can't say I'm looking forward to that, but its nice to get out of the house!  I'm looking forward to meeting my next milestone of 32 weeks!  1 more to go!

Milestones: Next week will be my next milestone!  32 weeks I will breath easier!

Symptoms: This is horrible... I have heartburn bad.  Sometimes it gets so bad that when I'm sleeping I wake up choking on stomach acid! I inhale and there is stomach acid in my throat!  Its horrible!  I have to stay more elevated when I sleep because the babies are pushing everything up... including my stomach!

Nursery 90% finished!

Luckily, I had a lot of help last week from C, my parents, and good friend Mo, getting the nursery organized and decorated.  I actually feel prepared for them to come now.  We are still waiting on the rocking chair, which we ordered two months ago, but I guess they are custom made and I'm sure very popular.  It should be arriving in the next week or two, which I can't wait!  We still need a lamp for the night stand and a floor lamp for the room.  I will try to find one online and just order it.  But here is the almost finished nursery...

(names are covered with wrapping paper on the sailboats)

The rocking chair will be in this corner

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Good News!!!

I have been on the couch the last three days which has been VERY rough. Strict bed rest is so emotionally and physically draining that I don't wish it on anyone! Luckily, we have had a lot of help from family over the last few days. My mom came on Sunday to help around the house and she made us two lasagnas, one to eat and one to freeze. C was very helpful yesterday, on 4th of July, and spent the day playing domino's with me. He also BBQ'd and lit a few fireworks off in the back yard.

It was such a beautiful day yesterday too and was hard listening to so many people riding their bikes down to the beach. There was a parade downtown and then a firework show at the end of the pier. We do live in a crazy tourist town, so there were thousands of people out and about. We usually ride our bikes down to the beach and join in the festivities, but I will look forward to next year with our boys.

C's sister is here today taking care of me and helping around the house

I had my doctor appointment today! I have been pretty nervous about it because I knew that anything could happen. I knew the possibility of going back to the hospital, or having to stay on strict bed rest. When I walked in I literally began shaking and I couldn't stop. It was the weirdest thing! It happened to me at the hospital on Friday and when we had that scare back at 17 weeks. I tried to calm myself down, but it didn't work too well. When the nurse took my blood pressure I thought it might be elevated because of the nerves... it was! I NEVER have had high blood pressure in my life! 120/80 is high for me. I tend to run VERY low, sometimes 88/48 (which is when I feel lethargic).

Once Dr. I came in, he wanted to do a cervical check, not an ultrasound, but a manual one... my first one! He said that he felt that my cervix was shortening because of the natural progression of pregnancy (my body thinks there is a full term baby in there with all the weight!). The good news... My cervix is still closed and FIRM!  He was very happy with that and suggested that I no longer have to be on STRICT bed rest, but modified!  So basically house arrest with out doing any work.  Lots of rest rest rest!  But I am happy to announce that I am sitting at the computer typing and off of that dang couch!  Yes, I will still be spending a lot of time in the horizontal position, but I am feeling so much better about cooking my babies longer!  I am also still having to take the procardia every four hours because I'm still having contractions on and off, but now he says I don't have to WAKE UP to take it at night.

Because of my elevated blood pressure, he is having me come back on Friday.  I'm sure I will be going AT LEAST once a week if not twice from here on out!  If everything is still good next week, he said he will give me more privileges, which I will be looking forward too... maybe floating in the pool!

Thanks so much for all your words of encouragement, thoughts and prayers!  Please continue to pray for my little boys as they still need some time to grow and things are still so touch and go right now!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

From hospital to bedrest...

I never anticipated this. I had been doing so well! I guess my body thought I was doing too much!

Friday started off a normal day. I woke up, made breakfast for and I, went to my yoga class, and was so excited to go to my perinatologist appointment.   There, my greatest fear came true... my cervix was funneling and shortened.

The tech always does all the measurements b4 the dr comes in. She always tells me what they are this time she wouldnt. She want the dr to tell me the horrible news.  As soon as she put the "dildo cam" in I saw it, the dreaded funneling...

she finished the rest of the babies measurments, and both boys were being very difficult. Baby A measured 3 lbs 4 oz and Baby B measured 2 lbs 12 oz. I was shocked by the differnce. But she reassured me that hey can be off by 8 oz, especially with twins and baby B was very hard to measure today.

Once the dr came in, he didn't look too happy. I asked, "how bad is it?" He asked me if I had been feelng any contraction. I hadn't. I wasn't even sure if I had EVER felt any! He replied, "well I won't send you to the hospital then." At that point I felt like I was dreaming. This isn't happening! I guess my cervix shortened to 1.7 from 4.4 cm, at 1.5 they automatically send u to the hosp.

This weekend C and I were planning on going to San Diego for his cousins wedding and some R &R. I was planning on floating in the pool and we even had a cabana rented for Saturday! All that ws out the window now and I was headed home on STRICT bedrest!

C came home early. I had my feet up on the couch, resting comfortably and drinking lots os H20. I was on the phone with my brother when I noticed my stomach get hard and contorted. A couple min later I had aother one. I hung up with my bro and starting timing them with an app I have on my phone... 2-3 min apart! I knew if I had 6 in an hr I was supposed to go strait to he hospital. I called my doctor. The dr on call called me back and suggested I empty my bladder and wait 30 min. I did. They slowed down to 5- 10 min apart... not stopping!

After much persuasion (c thought I was being a hypochondriac). I had him take me to the hospital. They imediately hooked me up to monitor the babies and contractions. I was contracting 2 min apart again. My doctor ordered the shot to stop the contractions. It was working! I thought I would get the shot and be sent home. Dr. I showed up at the hospital at around 9pm. He wanted me to stay for observation and said the shot only works for two hours! They started me on 10mg of percardia (sp?) and kept me over night. I was over whelmed and too worried to sleep. Yes I had my ocean view room, but I wanted to be any where but there! I had sent C hm so he could get some rest.

I was woken up every 4 hrs to take my meds, 530 am being the one where I couldn't fall asleep again. Long story short, they upped my meds to 20 mg because I was still having about 3 contractions/hr. The dr called and let me go home by noon. I've been resting since and hadn't had ay contractions... til today.

C left for his cousins wedding, my mom came over to take care of me. I had been on the couch resting and out of no where I started contracting every 2-3 min again. My mom suggested I pop another pill a little early and wait 30 min. We did, it worked!

All I can say, is this is very hard! I know some of you have been in this position for weeks and I honestly give you props! This is beyond emotionally hard. I've already cried a few times. You feel so helpless being stuck in one spot. Its really hard for me to ask for help and have people do things for me. I did post on my facebook asking for prayers for my little ones and the response was overwhelming! I know these babies are our gifts from God and he has a plan for them. I trust tha he will continue to protect them no matter if I deliver early. Honestly, given that my uterus was septated and I've had TWO surgeries on it, its been a miracle that I've made it this far without complications, for that I am thankful!

Now,new goals: 32 weeks

PS. Sorry for any typo's, I'm writting this from my phone. I don't have a wireless laptop yet! But I will very soon!
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