Tuesday, March 19, 2013

My Pregnitude Experience... the final analysis!

I finished my 6th box of Pregnitude.  I committed to doing a six month personal analysis on taking this supplement.  Lets recap... I have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrom.  I have struggled, since puberty, with weight gain/weight loss, acne, abnormal cycles ranging from 50 to 80 days, low blood sugar, high testosterone levels, low Vitamin D levels, and last but not least, infertility. I had always trusted my doctors, believing that they had my best interest in mind, believing that medication WAS the only option for me.  I am beyond ecstatic to report that I have had GREAT success with pregnitude or myo inositol.

Here is a little what I have experienced

1. weight loss - I now weigh a healthy 135lbs at 5'6."  I am healthy, strong, and have never felt better.

2. clearer skin-  My skin looks great!  I continue to have breakouts when I am about to start my period, but that is normal for many women.

3. Better ranging cycles- Since beginning pregnitude my cycles have stayed consistently in the 30-39 day range.  I would say that is a significant improvement from 50-80 days, wouldn't you!?

4. I did not conceive a baby.  I know it is marketed towards women TTC.  DH and I did not prevent pregnancy.  We did BD around O time consistently (even though we technically weren't TTC).  Given our diagnosis of IF (DH sperm cannot penetrate my eggs w/out ICSI), I am not surprised.

 My last cycle on Pregnitude during my sixth month commitment was unfortunately my longest at 39 days.  I had committed to take solely Pregnitude during that duration.  However, since I felt my cycles lengthening again I decided to add a few more supplements to my regimen...

    -Cinnamon 2000mg (helps control blood sugar)
    -Vit D 5000iu (I was previously taking only 2000iu)
    -Chromium 800mg (helps with insulin resistance)
    -Biotin 7500mg
    -Calcium 1200mg
    -a whole foods multivitamin (I have always taken)

With the addition of these supplements, I am happy to report I just started AF today and had a 31 day cycle last month!  Yes, that is a lot of supplements.  However, I feel that it beats taking a medication for the rest of my life.  I feel great!

After I finish off the rest of my Pregnitude.  I plan to buy Myo-inositol by itself.  It is cheaper.  Buying pregnitude is great marketing geared towards women TTC.  I have found a ton of supplements for great prices on PuritonsPride.com They are constantly having great deals.

I hope this gives many of you success with your battle with PCOS, as it did for me!

My boys and I taken last week on the Island of Kauai!! Aloha... or "Aloka" as Rocco would say!


J o s e y said...

Thank you for this update! I actually found your blog awhile back from googling Pregnitude, and now that I'm finally cycling again (my daughter is 15mo, I'm still BFing, and I have PCOS), it's the push I needed to start religiously taking myoinositol again. You look amazing in that picture!!!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Josey... First off, you rock! Way to go on giving your daughter the best start in life and for 15 months! Thanks so much for your lovely comment! I'm so happy you found my blog and are joining me on my next one! I'm glad to have been a good motivator for you and I wish you a lot of luck in your journey!! :-)

Sara said...

Hiiii! I am so excited that I found your blog today! I'm happy to hear (*ahem*, read) about your success. I'll have to go further back in your blog and read more :)

I am almost done with my 1st box of pregnitude and I'm feeling optimistic about my relationship with AF. I hated her prior to PCOS but now I love her. Ha. She's sneaky like that.

Anyway.. You have a new follower in me! xo!

Kim @ Infertile Myrtle said...

I just came across this post while doing a Google Image search for Pregnitude... I've been taking it twice daily for 2 months now and am starting to notice some weight loss as well (your post baby bod' is definitely my fantasy goal weight, but I'm far from it, haha, kudos to you!). I have PCOS and am taking Pregnitude to help me prep for my second IVF attempt. First attempt resulted in a 5.5 wk MC, so I'm hoping my new prep regimen does the trick (I'm also on Metformin & birth control)! Looking forward to following your blog :)

Sarah Stone said...

I don't have pcos (then doctor isn't sure what is wrong) but I was recommended to take pregnitude and I was told perhaps it'd help Mr lose weight from what I have gained with gastroparesis. I was wondering, if its not too rude, how much you weighed before you got down to 135.

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

I am not aware of that condition so I'm not sure if pregnitude would help you!? As for my weight, it has fluctuated throughout my life! My highest weight pre pregnancy was 160, but on average 145. With my twins I was up to 183 at full term, got down to 165 right after birth, and then lost it all within a year.

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