Thursday, January 8, 2015

We Are Almost READY... FET!

After a wonderful CHRISTmas and New Years in Mexico, I'm back on!

We visited Dr. R for a follow up yesterday and to go over what to expect for FET.  He talked about our FIVE embryo's and  we decided which one to transfer first, which we are going to transfer the AA expanded day five blast.  We also have an AB expanded day five blast, and the rest are day six blasts.

He said our first two have about a 50% chance of making a baby, then the rest start declining to 40%, 30%, and 20%, based off of their quality.  We have a good shot here, with 28 non-fertilized eggs on ice!

Yesterday I was CD24.  Dr. R checked my ovaries to see if they were healed and where I was in my cycle, since I am irregular.  My right ovary was completely healed and my left was about 90%.  I am no where near O, which I believe is because they were so destroyed last month with all the eggs!

He started me on Provera to get my period started, other wise we would be about a couple months away from transfer!  Dang PCOS! Two pills down, eight to go!

In the mean time, I'm working out again after a month and a half off from IVF.  I'm pumped to get back in shape... running, Barre, and P90x3!  Also, clean eating all the way!  I want to be in great shape and health when we do this transfer! :)

Happy NewYear!  And this is also my 300th post! Crazy!
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