Tuesday, October 18, 2011


I FINALLY ventured out of the house today... ALL BY MYSELF (and the babies, of course!)!!!  Thank you to Calmly Chaotic for giving me the motivation to do so!  "If she can do it so can I," I told myself.  Now, I am not as brave to breast feed in public, however.  I have my babies on a strict schedule so when one is hungry, the BOTH are hungry at the same time!  Today, I decided to go to this shopping center.  Its basically one stop shopping.  I needed to return our cable box, since we just got Verizon Fios (LOVE IT!), stopped at Carters and picked up a couple 3 month outfits, walked over to REI and purchased the drink console for the BOB stroller, next went to ULTA to get some make up (yay!), and after that it was feeding time again!  I almost went home, but decided I am going to breast feed in my car!  I brought my My Breast Friend pillow fed the boys, changed them and then went to Whole Foods Market.  Yes, this was a lot of work, but so worth it!  I need to feel like a normal human being again.  And I am VERY proud of myself for having the courage to do this with 10 week old twins!  YAY ME!

Monday, October 17, 2011


Finally the boys are able to go in my BOB double jogger... with the added head support, of course!  They love it and I love it!  They do look super tiny in my giant stroller, but that's okay!

Last week they had their two month check up, and yes that included shots!  Both babies are now with in the normal curve, which means they are catching up!  Rocco weighed in at a whopping 10 lbs even and Maximus was right behind at 9 lbs 8 oz!  They are in the 5th and 10th percentile for 10 week olds, but in the 50th and 75th for their adjusted age with is 5 week olds!  The doctor made the remark that "their going to be linebackers!"  Of course my husband loved hearing that!  The shots were pretty sad, I couldn't look, but I just held their little hands and gave them a pacifier!  As soon as they were done I picked them up and they stopped crying immediately.  I love how they see me as comfort :)

Saturday night, we had a MUCH needed date night!  Our boys stayed home with Grandpa and Grandma, which they thoroughly enjoyed.  For some reason its getting MORE difficult to leave the boys, the more I'm with them.  I'm am becoming more and more attached!  Anyways, it was nice to get dressed up.  Because we all looked so nice we took a family photo before heading out the door...

I love LOVE this pic!  The boys are 10 weeks old here.  I'm holding Rocco and C is holding Maximus.  Here is one of just the boys...
Maximus is looking nice a wide eyed and Rocco has a little grin.  Rocco has began giving us social smile this week at 9 weeks old (4 weeks adjusted)!  They absolutely melt my heart!

Back to date night... We went to Captain Jacks in Sunset Beach.  Its a really nice steak and seafood restaurant right in the harbor.  The best part of the dinner was when C and I were waiting in the bar.  We had a nice and cozy table, I had a glass of wine, he had a martini, we had an appetizer of a steamed artichoke and we felt like we were dating again!  I got a little buzzed from my glass of wine and I couldn't keep my hands off of my husband!  It was so perfect!

As much as we love our little boys, part of making them #1 in our lives means keeping our marriage #1 first (second to God of course!).  Taking time for each other without the boys, is crucial, in making that "lovin feelin" continue!

P.S.  I started the Birth Control Pills.  Its bitter sweet!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Two Months!

Chubby legs...

Rocco Gianni

Maximus Matteo

Maximus and Rocco

 Rocco Gianni

Maximus Matteo

Its been 9 almost 10 weeks and I'm still breastfeeding these lil guys!  I'm starting to get a little stir crazy, however.  I have about an hour window after a feed to either run an errand or go for a jog (yes I started jogging again!). It is near impossible to breastfeed twins any where but home. I'm not about to lug my my breast friend pillow around!  Plus, usually I only have the energy to do one of those PER DAY!  Its a lot of work to feed, change, and put two babies in car seats.  I am trying to find the energy to do that twice a day!  I'm sure once they start sleeping through the night I'll find it, but until then... I'm a home body!

Do any of you twin moms have any tips for going out and about during the day?

The boys two month check up is tomorrow!  I can't wait to find out their weights!  I'm sure Rocco is over 10lbs and Maximus isn't far behind.  I'm pretty sure they both started smiling this week, but I have yet to capture it on camera.  Last night I was taking to Rocco while he was in the bath asking him to smile for mama, and he did!! A nice and big one while looking at me!  We'll see if he does it again today, then I can be sure!  Maximus has also had moments of smiling while looking at me, but when I have him try to do it again, he looks away.  I'll keep trying, I'm dying for their gorgeous smiles :)

Friday, October 7, 2011


Is becoming a nightly routine (this is something I said I would NEVER do btw). It doesn't start out that way and I know it wont last for long. I don't plan on having toddlers sleep in bed with us :)  But, I have to say, I love sleeping with them!  They are so cuddly and we all sleep so good together!  They could be crying one minute and then I put them in my nook, and fast asleep they go!

The babies are officially TWO months old, as of the Wednesday and 9 weeks old today (two month pics coming soon!). They are sleeping longer through the night, 4 to 6 hours, but it never fails one wakes up first and the other is sound asleep. We decided this week to see how long the sleeping one will sleep and then put the other in bed with us. It worked great! We all slept an extra two hours! HUGE! Unfortunately, its not both of them sleeping in their cribs that long. But I think by just letting them sleep instead of our old mentality, one wakes up both wake up, we might be sleeping through the night sooner than we think!

Once we moved them from our room to their cribs (sharing one) at six weeks, we started a night time routine... Bath time, story time, bed time! We now have no issues putting them to bed awake! They'll lay there for a bit and fall right asleep. We don't have a specific bedtime yet because feeding still range each day, but routine is definitely helping :)

They are nine weeks old, now and its unbelievable!  Their personalities have really come out!  Rocco, we call "The big Rock, "  is very observant!  He loves to look around at everything with his big beautiful eyes. At feeding time, he won't latch on until he's looked around.  Its pretty cute!  Maximus is very temperamental, he has to have things his way RIGHT NOW!  The funny part is that I knew they would more or less be like this because of how they were in my belly.  Rocco was the laid back one and Maximus was always doing somersault's!  Hence, the reason we named them their names... Rocco means "rest"  Maximus means "the Greatest."

Raising twins is no joke!  I don't know how people do it without help!  We are very blessed to have C's sister come three days a week to do house chores and run errands for me.  I am able to just focus on the babies right now, which I am so thankful!  I love LOVE being a mom, especially to my twins.  As hard as it is, I am loving EVERY SECOND!  They are my greatest gift!
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