Thursday, August 28, 2014

I'm Baaaaaack!

Okay!  I know I said I was shutting this blog down, but I just couldn't do it.  For some reason, I decided to click on my old gmail email and low and behold, I had a ton of comments from when I did the Pregnitude review!  How funny!  I am loving my other blog, Loving Life Naturally, but I really miss the community aspect we had on here.

I didn't know what God had in store for us (I still don't, I guess).  But, for some reason I feel God leading me to write on here again...  Maybe it is because we just made another appointment with Dr. R!  Eeek!

Fertility update...  We have been patiently waiting for a miracle over here.  We haven't used any form of birth control in over two years and sadly, no baby.  Thats okay though!  I think its just been in God timing!  I am finally able to get up and breath again with my two!  However, I just ordered Pregnitude again, because I really feel I have had the best success with it, in controlling my PCOS, along with the addition of Natural Progesterone Cream (we are all deficient).  I was using this Myo Inositol, but I don't feel like its the same quality as pregnitude, unfortunately, because it is a lot cheaper!

So why are we seeing Dr. R?  To discuss the possibilities of baby #3! Our appointment isn't until September 26. So in the mean time, we are PRAYING over here for God to say YES or NO!  I only want to follow his plan for us.  I'm OKAY if it's a no, but I am ready for another little one :)

Anyway, Can you believe my boys are now THREE years old!?  We just celebrated their third birthday on August 5.  Here is couple updated pictures of them...
Maximus and Rocco

Rocco and Maximus
Yes, we had a pirate party for their third birthday!  It was a blast!  The boys are BFF's and have the greatest time together.  They are so much fun and we love them so much! They are busy busy boys.  I would love to say they are extremely brilliant, creative, lovable, caring, cuddly, sweet, like every Mom says about their kids, and its true! And of course have their unique personalities and individual qualities. Maximus is more passionate about everything and Rocco is Mr. Mellow yellow.  They also test my patients, and have humbled me beyond measure.  I have cried out to the Lord for his help in parenting my strong willed boy (Maximus), because only by his Grace and strength can I do this!  They have brought me great joy and I have to say going through IF, has been a blessing!  I would never change it.

 It is getting easier talking about infertility to strangers.  Because I have twins, so many people randomly and I would like to say thoughtlessly ask me if they are from IVF.  I used to become speechless, but I now realize that they are not MY story, they are the Lords!  From the beginning they have been His!  Before we every conceived, I promised the Lord, the children he gives me would be His. So, I can now RAISE MY HEAD HIGH, and tell strangers of the great miracle the LORD did to have these two for us.  How can I keep that to my self?  Hopefully, that story blesses them in some way!

So will the Lord give us another miracle?  We'll have to wait and see!  Stay tuned... and prayers welcomed!  God Bless everyone!
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