Saturday, August 27, 2011


Its crazy that my boys are already three weeks old!  Whats even crazier is that they are only 38 weeks, not even to their due date yet, and they are doing so good!  They had their third pediatrician appt on Thursday (well second for Maximus) to check on their weights.  I was shocked at Maximus's growth.  Last week he weighed 4lbs 7oz and exactly one week later, he weighed 5 lbs 4oz!  Almost a pound in growth!  He was also 17.5 inches last week and this week he is 19!  Rocco was 5lb 6oz last week and this week 5lbs 14oz and 19.5 inches!  Those 2 hour feedings the other night did some good I guess ;-)

As of Wednesday, am done with pumping for Maximus and now exclusively BFing both boys AT THE SAME TIME!  I was so exhausted from pumping and decided to give it up.  Maximus needed to be on the fortified breast milk to gain weight, and it did its job.  I had moments of just giving up and I can see why so many people stop BFing, but this is something I wanted to do for a long time and I know how GOOD it is for my babies! I got asked for a couple tips on how to breast feed both at the same time...

What I do is get my burp rags ready and recieving blankets.  I change both babies to wake them up more, especially if one wakes up first.  I lay them both out in their crib and strap on the pillow.  I put each baby on the pillow in position (football hold), and walk to go sit in my rocker.  I use the recieving blankets and sometimes the burp cloth's to support their heads, once I latch on each baby.  THAT is CRUCIAL to keep them latched.  Then you can be hands free!  Usually one baby is ready to burp before the other so I have the burp cloth ready, burp and relatch.  I feed each baby on one side for each feed then switch.   Because mine are premies I am topping them off with higher calorie formula to make sure they are getting enough.  Its all working!  Hope that helps you new twin mommy's!

Yesterday we did their newborn photo's!  It was a long day... six hours of posing, feedings, changings etc.  Newborn photographers need to be very patient,is what I learned!  Here is a sneak peak my photographer posted on her FB page...

Maximus Matteo and Rocco Gianni @ 3 weeks old!

P.S.  Sorry for being a "bad blogger," but I am soaking up every minute of these little blessings. Looking at this pic, can you blame me?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Twenty perfect fingers, twenty perfect toes...

Thank you Lord for these perfect gifts!

A verse that inspired me the other morning was this...

"For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
I know that full well. " Psalm 139:13-14

Rocco on the top, Maximus on the bottom.
This was taken last Saturday, the day Maximus came home!

A little update...

I am so thankful and blessed to be Rocco's and Maximus's mother.  It is an amazing yet challenging experience. 

I have had them both home now for six days.  The first two nights were rough.  I don't think I really slept!  One would wake up to eat then the other.  Maximus is on a higher calorie diet to gain weight, so I am unable to breastfeed both babies.  Rocco is breast feeding and does a great job, but its exhausting and takes a lot of time.  I also pump after each feeding so I can feed Maximus with the added "weight gainer."  I cannot wait until they can eat the same.  It will definitely help me in the sleep department.  However, one of the BEST investments I made, was purchasing the My Breast Friend Twin nursing pillow!  I now able to feed both babies at the same time!  Rocco BF's and Maximus bottle.  Maximus falls asleep on the pillow while Rocco finishes.  Nights are getting better, but its definitely still a work in progress ;-)

The previous week was also really tough with Maximus in the NICU.  A normal new mom is able to take a nap during the day while her baby(ies) sleeps.  I had to be at the NICU visiting my other son.  I had/have two babies with two different needs!

So, I forgot to post the reason for Maximus's lack of growth for the last month!  I know its common with twins to have them come out with different weights, but for us we found out why during the csection!  Maximus's placenta partially attached to the scar tissue where my septum was!  He was getting enough nutrients throughout the pregnancy up until my week 30 growth scan which is where the discrepancy became apparent.  I had been worried since that appointment.  I tried eating more protein etc. and nothing seemed to help.  I was relieved to know that there was nothing that I could have done different and so thankful that we got him out so he can grow!  The only way we were able to know this is because I had a csection.  We are so LUCKY that he made it this far without any further complications!

When he was released from the hospital last Saturday, his weight was 4lbs 1 oz.  Yesterday his weight was 4lb 7oz!  So he is growing great!  I hope he is able to catch up to Rocco soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Friday night at five!" (Birth story)

C had been saying that for the past week in regards to when we were going to have the babies.  He thought it would be a good day to have the babies on a Friday so he didn't have to worry about work over the weekend.  I didn't like that idea because I REALLY wanted to make it to week 36, at least!  My cervix was holding tight and at this point I though I would go another couple weeks, maybe even to 38 weeks!  On Friday, Aug. 5, I was 35 + 1.  I went to my normal scheduled NST and ultrasound.  The NST was great babies did awesome!  I hadn't had any major contraction problems for days and had stopped taking the procardia.  Dr. Illeck was impressed with my blood pressure, 110/70.  I thought it was just going to be another day...

We did a quick ultrasound check.  He normally does a growth scan on Tuesdays, but he wasn't there the past Tuesday.  I had seen another Doctor.  So I asked him how Baby B was doing.  I had been worried about him for weeks since his growth was so much smaller than A's since week 30.  But each time Dr. I assured me that his fuid levels were still great and he was still growing.  Today however, was different.  B's tummy showed NO growth from the previous week and his fluid levels dropped dramatically from Tuesdays appointment.  Dr. I was so happy I asked him to check on my little guy!  He said, "alright this is it! I think its time to take them out!"  I freaked!  Happy, anxious, and scared all at the same time!  He asked me when I last ate and said we should be good to go by 5!!  I laughed and told him how C had been saying "Friday night at 5" for the past week or so!

I texted C "Its time!"  He of course, thought I was lying.  Although I always said, if I every text you that... IM SERIOUS, ITS TIME!  Anyway, we got home, got packed,  took one last family photo before heading to the hospital.  I was very emotional was trying to hold back the tears.  We were going from a family of two (three with Oliver!) to a family of FOUR... 

We arrived at the hospital around 2pm and I got hooked up to all the monitors.  I was ready to go...

C was really excited too! 

As most of you know, I really wanted to go into labor on my own and then have my c section.  I knew that was inevitable because both babies were breech.  Well, that's exactly what happened!  I started contracting every 2 to 4 minutes and had to breath through each one!  The nurse asked if I wanted an epidural because they were coming so strong!  I didn't want it and wanted to wait for my spinal.  Breathing through them worked just fine.  See those contractions...

All was going well until my little Baby B couldn't handle the contractions!  His heart rate kept dropping so they had me lay on my left side with some O2...

Things settled down.  Baby B's heart rate came back up!  Because I ate a protein shake at 11am, my section was pushed to 7:30pm.  It was shockingly such a great experience! 

They came and got me at 730, wheeled me back in my bed.  I got up and sat on the operating table.  The anaesthesiologist was hilarious and made me very comfortable.  When he was trying to find my vertebrae, he would squeeze the sides of my stomach.  I burst out laughing because it SERIOUSLY tickled!  He had to do that like 5 times!  He said, "I wish we could video this and put it on You Tube!" LOL

The spinal didn't hurt one bit!  Before I knew it my legs were getting warm and tingly.  Dr. I came in and started prepping.  Two minutes later, C came in and I could already feel some tugging... not painful or uncomfortable at all, just movement.

Seconds later, the anesthesiologist held up a mirror so I could see both babies be born!  It was incredible!  C did not want to look because he hates blood, but it was amazing.

First Rocco came out screaming and then a minute later, Maximus.  Immediately I could see the huge size difference.  I was worried.  However, both babies had apagar ratings of 8 and 9!  Neither needed any oxygen. 

Because Maximus needed to go to the NICU, I was able to see him first...

Maximus and I

C, Maximus and I

Rocco and I

C, Rocco and I

After an hour in recovery, I was able to see Rocco in the Nursery!

Skin on skin with Rocco

Skin on skin with Maximus!

Honestly, my birth was PERFECT!  I would not change a thing!  The hospital was amazing, as were the nurses!  There is so much more to write, but this one took me 3 days (between naps and feedings!)

Today is our 4 year anniversary, and I am more blessed than I could imagine!  We are so in love, with each other and our new little blessings!

Hope you enjoy our story :)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Maximus comes home today!!!!!!

I know I know, I still owe you the birth story!  But ts been too crazy running back and forth to the hospital to visit Maximus!  Good news... He is coming home today!  I will leave you with this...

My two new loves who stole my heart...

Rocco Gianni 5 lbs 7 oz

Maximus Matteo 3lbs 12 oz

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Their here!!!

Rocco Gianni arrived friday night, august 5, at 8:08 weighing 5lbs 7oz and Maximus Matteo arrived at 8:09 weighing 3lbs 12oz!  They are the most precious gift I've every recieved and Im absolutely in love!

Their birth story and pictures to come...

P.s. Maximus is in NICU for feeding and growing. Neither needed any help with breathing. Rocco is home with me and is nursing like a champ!

Friday, August 5, 2011

ITS TIME!!!!!!!!!!

Just left the doctor!  Baby B's fluid is low and I'm headed in for the delivery!  Please pray for the saftey of all three of us!!!  I'm so excited and can't wait to meet my little miracles!!!

The Golden Hour...

It is so hard to believe that I've made it to 35 weeks!  I am so greatful for each extra day I have with my babies in my belly.  I recieved a call today from a friend who's neice had her twins last night, at 33 weeks 3 days!  She had been laying on the couch and her water just broke!  It made me realize that really, it can be ANY DAY NOW!  It is exciting and scary all at the same time!

C and I have been contemplating on whether or not we will be having people come to the hospital when "its time."  I've gone back and forth about this my entire pregnancy!  At our hospital they have a thing called "The Golden Hour."  Its the first hour after birth that they give to the family to nurse and bond with the new baby(ies).  We both really want this time and didn't want to feel pressured about having people in the waiting room to meet our new LO's (little one's).  But, at the same time, I want our family their to support us and pray for us!

What we decided is this, we will be calling my parents, C's Dad and step-mom, and my brothers.  Thats it!  I know that they will respect the time we want to bond following the birth.  They will be there to support us.  I won't feel pressured to have them meet the boys right away.  And since we will be having a c-section, they might be able to see them be wheeled down to the recovery room where I will be.  Our hospital has a policy that keeps babies with mom's at all times (if everyone is healthy).  I love that!  So I can still get my Golden Hour even while I'm recovering from surgery.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Little hats...

I am getting more and more excited about the arrival of my baby boys!  Fear has left and anticipation has arrived!  At 34 +5  we are in a safe zone if they were delivered.  I am sure what I was struggling with prior, had a lot to do with having premature babies.  I know now that my babies will be safe!

I had another NST today and the boys did awesome!  It showed my uterus is still very irritable, however, and I had only one big contraction.  During that contraction, Baby B moved and it started picking up my heart beat, which scared me!  As I was watching the monitor I saw his heart rate decel! So, Dr. I wanted to ensure that it was just my own heart rate and so he did a BPP (Biophysical Profile)as well, which monitors fluid, hear rate, muscle tone, movement and breathing.  It was awesome seeing both boys doing their practices breathing!  And Baby B had the hiccups!   So cute!  All was confirmed good for both. 

My cervix is STILL CLOSED, however, it is beginning to soften.  So it looks like we're headed in the right direction!

I have already booked a photographer for when the boys come home.  Newborn photo's should be done within the first two weeks after birth, or once I'm able to bring them home.  I saw these cute little elf hats and thought they would look adorable for their photo shoot... I can't wait!

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