Sunday, July 2, 2017

12 weeks 1 day

Eeeek!  Has it already been almost three weeks since my last post?  I'm so sorry!  I hope I didn't worry anyone!  All is well over here!  No news can = good news :)

The last couple weeks we have been so busy!  We had our annual family reunion camping trip up in El Capitan, which is  20 min past Santa Barbara.  It was so much fun!  It is so gorgeous up there!

Before we left, I had my final appointment with my RE and was released. Had my first appointment with OB. All went well!

Today I'm 12 weeks 1 day!  Thank you LORD for this amazing milestone! 
How I'm feeling... so grateful to be at this point. I never thought we would again, but God is so faithful! I have been SO exhausted lately! I keep thinking it is going to get better but the last couple weeks, 10-12, I've been more tired than ever! I'm ready for bed at 6:30 and can barely stay awake to watch a show! We are binge watching The Walking Dead! Amazing show, we are now on season 6. It super entertaining and I can't stay awake for it the last couple weeks! 

I'm still having some food aversions and smells are still strong for me. But no morning sickness. 

Yesterday, we took our announcement photos and should have them in a few days. I'm not sure when I will be ready to share them with The world, however. We have our 12 week ultrasound Wednesday, so maybe sometime after that. I'm a little terrified, but I know I will be until our little babe is born, so there really isn't a good time, anything can happen any time! Just trying to trust God that this IS our rainbow 🌈 take home baby! 

The only people who know are those who have prayed fervently for us the last few years, and who continue to do so! I knew I would need support no matter what happened. 
It's definitely getting hard to hide this bump any longer, but I'm still in that awkward in between 

Stage... "is she packing on the pounds or pregnant?" My pants and shorts are definitely snug and I don't like pressure on my abdomen, so I unbutton my pants a lot. 
We are just so thankful and humbled that we are to this point. When almost all hope was lost, God has truly blessed us! Never give up hope, put your hope in Jesus! 
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