Friday, July 29, 2011

Great doctor appointment!

During the NST, babies did awesome, of course, and I only had a couple of little contractions!  Yesterday I didn't even need to take any procardia and I haven't taken any today either!  It seems as if my "irritable uterus" has calmed down a bit!  Dr. I was very happy and decided not to check my cervix today since I haven't had much uterine "activity." 

He then checked the fluid levels and they looked awesome!  Babies are still butting heads at the top of my uterus, right under my ribs.  I asked if my cervix had been dilating or effacing at the last appointment on Tuesday and he said, "Not at all!"  I am so happy that bedrest is working so well.  I asked if that means "I'm off bedrest?"  He said "you can do much more activity now, but I'm not saying go walk around the mall!"  I laughed and said, "I don't think I would be able to walk around the mall!"

So basically, I am off modified bedrest and it has been switched to restricted activity! YAY!  Not really sure how that's going to change, but I will definitely feel more comfortable taking (driving) my dog to the park and letting him play!

I also asked about scheduling a c-section.  At the hospital where I'm delivering, I guess there is a waiting list.  He said it is not worth scheduling because he doesn't think I would even make 38 weeks (we'll see!).  But, I am happy because I am hoping to go into labor naturally, so at least I can experience what labor feels like before my c-section.  I know that can change quickly, however, if fluid is low, etc.

My reminders of why I did so well on bedrest and really rested...  I can't wait to hold and kiss their little cheeks, fingers and toes!

Baby B                                                                               Baby A


Amanda said...

Oh my goodness! Such great pictures, they are adorable!! So happy to hear everything's been going so well with your cervix, and that the "irritable uterus" is settling down :)
It seems that our bellies are exactly the same size! I also started off with a 27 inch waist that is now measuring 44!

Tiffany said...

These pictures are fantastic!! They are so sweet!

Calmly Chaotic said...

That's great news! And just wait, you might be like me and wondering how you made it this far in a couple of weeks.

Emby said...

I'm glad you had such a great appointment. I am sure your dog will thank you for such good behavior so that you can now give him more play time. :)

Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures of your boys.... it took my breath away!
So glad that you are able to get up and do things now!
I really hope that my body goes into labor as well- I would like to know what it feels like. Already with having the c/s I feel that it is not going to be the experience that I want- so I hope that I can at least expereince the begginging of labor.
Good luck!

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