Sunday, January 23, 2011

7 weeks...

I tried posting on Friday after my 7 week ultrasound, but I've been having issues with the computer... sorry!

   Baby A (x's, couldn't tell which was head or butt)        Baby B (h-head, b-butt)

Babies looked amazing! We were actually able to see them this time. Baby B’s  (on the right) head and little arms and leg buds were distinguishable. Baby A was not in a good position so we weren’t able to see any arms or legs. Both of there hearts were pumping about 120 bpm which is right on track for healthy babies. I do have to say and for some reason I didn’t want to write about it, but I was a little worried last week because the heartbeats were only at 80+ bpm. Dr. R said they were perfect because they JUST started beating. Unfortunately, prior to my last appointment I googled 6 week heart rates and that was on the low end. However, they DO start beating at 6 weeks! All that worrying for nothing!

Dr. R said they were “PERFECT!” He said we can skip next week if we want, but our last appointment with them is at 9 weeks. Its bitter sweet. I am ecstatic to move on to be a “normal” pregnant woman, but then its sad because these people grow on you (and you get used to all the attention)!

Symptoms... more and more tired!  Friday night we went to dinner with friends.  I was ready for bed by 630, but met them anyways.  I also learned a lesson... DON'T LET NON PREGNANT PEOPLE PICK THE RESTAURANT!  I couldn't eat ANYTHING on the menu!  It was a "fancy" restaurant, so they didn't have a lot of options.  I can't eat steak, chicken breast or fish... it all sounds disgusting.  Solid meat grosses me out (I do eat shredded chicken or beef though)!  For appetizers, they ordered beef carpaccio (raw beef), which I can't eat, and a cheese platter, which I also couldn't eat (soft cheeses).  So I had a cup of butternut squash soup and a dinner roll.  I ordered a salad too, but couldn't eat it.  Ever since 7 weeks (Friday) I have also been nauseated on and off throughout the day.  No puking... yet!   I can only eat plain foods now :-/  Good news is that my chest acne (pregnancy rash?) is almost completely cleared!  All those hormones and my body is finally getting used to them.

One of my really good friends is in labor and is most likely pushing as week speak.  I just got a text an hour ago saying she was 9cm.  I am excited to go visit them today!  I'll also get to see L&D, same hospital I'll be delivering at!

I have a ton of catching up to do for ICLW...  I have been feeling horrible the last two days!  I better get to commenting


The C's said...

Dropping by again -
Thanks for stopping by my blog, and for your input on my questions. ;)
Happy to hear your 7 weeks, and to see the U/S pix! Sorry to hear about your nausea. =(
The C's

ousoonerchick said...

I am so excited for you and that everything looks good!!!

MrsH said...

Cute babies, I think baby A is lying with the head to the left, and B, I can't tell. You can tell by where the hearts are beating which is closer to the head. congratulations! ICLW 19

Krista said...

Glad to hear everything is moving along so nicely with the pregnancy! I feel ya on the nausea....all these meds are making me nauseous and I don't feel like eating anything! Can't wait to hear what the sexes of the babes are!

Julia said...

Hooray for twins! I am the mama to fraternal twin girls that will be one in about two weeks. Hang on for the ride--twins are wonderful/exhausting/pure joy!

Shannon said...

Beautiful ultrasound - congratulations on the twins!!!!

Double check with your OB, but the recommendation now is that you can have soft cheeses, if they're pasteurized, which, if it's made in the US, it has to be by law. I still stay away from blue cheese, but I eat all the rest!

ICLW #42

C said...

So cute, I simply love these pics. Congratulations, and all my best wishes to you.


Liz said...

Reading your post makes me relieved because I had my second ultrasound today and the heart rate measured at 101 beats per minute. They said I am 5 weeks 6 days. Glad to hear I'm not the only one who got concerned about it.

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