Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Solids equals poop!

When I complained about the poop during the newborn phase everyone said "just wait until they start solids!"  I really didn't understand what that meant completely.  I thought that the consistency would obviously be different, and of course the smell, but the frequency?  That had not crossed my mind.

Once the boys started eating solids at about 6 months we have been blessed with uninterrupted sleep.  However, after about a week, their systems started REALLY working again!  I'm back to changing diapers like crazy!  These boys are poop machines and I'm not exaggerating!  At bedtime I change about FOUR diapers!  After bath time and feeding, they poop!  Then at night they wake up because they poop (I put them back to bed with a pacifier), sometimes at 2 in the morning!  And lets not even get into the blowouts! Each baby had a nice one for mommy today! Its poop central here!

Prior to this they were pooping once a day.  I think its getting better and I'm assuming the solids are a shock to their systems and it will eventually even out and hopefully go back to once a day.

Here is a pick of my "poopy" boys I took yesterday...  How can so much poop come from these sweet little angels!?  Its moments like these that make all this poop worth it! ha ha.  They love holding hands!



Lola said...

OMG they're so cuteeeeeeeee!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Aww what a cute picture..... made me smile.
I am trying to get my boys to eat solids- but they just have not been interested. I think that solids could really be the key to get them to sleep through the night. If only I could convince them that sweet potatoes and carrots are yummy :)

Amanda said...

They are so sweet! I know what you mean about the poop! When we started solids at first my two were a bit constipated, then oh my! Thankfully it's getting a bit better- the funny thing is, one of my babies has taken to pooping in the toilet!! :)

My Infertile Confessions said...

Thanks girls! Uneggsplained... when their ready, I'm sure they'll gobble the food up! Are they six months yet?? I waited until they were six months to start feeding them foods, but I gave them rice cereal a little before six months.

Amanda... Rocco was REALLY constipated at first too! Then it ALL CAME LOOSE!! LOL

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