Sunday, January 1, 2012

What we've been up to...

Where does the time go??  We have had so much fun this Christmas season and I honestly have had the best Christmas ever!  

Here is a little journey through the past month, since I have been MIA and just soaking up every minute of my little loves...
 Maximus and I picking out our first xmas tree as a family

 Our first Christmas tree

 Rocco Gianni at 4 months old

 Maximus Matteo at 4 months old

Maximus and Rocco 4 months
 Imprinting Rocco's hand for his first Ornament
 Imprinting Maximus's hand

Lovin my Big Rocco 
 Christmas Eve at the In-laws
Rocco and Maximus overwhelmed and opening presents 
 Christmas morning Cinnamon Rolls made by me... MY FAVORITE!!!  I grew up eating these every year!
 A Christmas present for the boys... the Grinch and the book "How the Grinch stole Christmas"
 Rocco enjoying his new exersaucer from Santa

 They love those toys!

 New sunglasses from Santa... Rocco getting ready for Kauai
 Serious Maximus
 Mommy and Rocco
Daddy teaching the boys how to play Havasu Rummy

Rocco and Maximus always holding hands

And last, but not least...
My boys enjoying their first Christmas tree!
Wishing all of you a VERY belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

P.S. One year ago yesterday on New Years Eve I found out I was pregnant!  The best day of my life thus far.  2011 brought me my two precious miracles!  


China Doll said...

Fabulous pictures! You all look so well and happy :) Happy New Year!

My Infertile Confessions said...

Thank you China Doll! Its been a fun season :)

My Infertile Confessions said...

Thank you China Doll! Its been a fun season :)

Amanda said...

What a fun Christmas!! Your boys are ADORABLE!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear that you are happy and well! You look amazing- and your boys are super cute! I love all their hats :)

I tried making some handprints and I was not very succesful- I was not able to get a clean imprint. I was trying when they were fairly young and I struggled to get them to keep their hands open long enough, 4 months is probably a better age to try :)

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