Saturday, December 1, 2012

The latest from the Twins...

Okay so I didn't add any pictures of my twinies in my last post, so I thought I would give you the latest (taken from my iPhone)...

Bongiorno!  This was taken this morning!!

Taken a few days ago!  They love exploring the back yard! It is definitely their favorite at home activity!

Mommy and Rocco picking out our Christmas tree!

At the Christmas tree farm. Maximus got sap on his hand and the pine needles were sticking to him! LOL!

Brotherly Love!! awwwwww

They are getting into EVERYTHING now! Pun Intended! LOL

Mommy and Maximus at the park! He just LOVES the swings!

We got passes to the Long Beach Aquarium!  They love it!  Here with their good friend Em!
Lets just say going anywhere is impossible without help!  We were out numbered 3 to 2.  It was not an easy day, but they sure enjoyed it! :)

1 comment:

Neamorfnost said...

They are so cute and so different. Looks to me that Maximus is the troublemaker and Rocco is the one who ends up in trouble lol.

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