Sunday, September 7, 2014

What Are The BEST PCOS Supplements for Battling My Symptoms?

It's been a while since I written about fighting with my health.  It's not perfect, it never will be, but its better than its been in a long time.  After writing my story, I've had some definite ups and downs with my health.  I fought anemia and adrenal fatigue this past year.  I switched up some supplements had some successes and some definite failures.  However, after much trial and error, and having so much success with Pregnitude alone, I found my perfect and favorite PCOS stack (which I shared on my INSTAGRAM) and I thought I would share with you!

Pregnitude. It is pharmaceutical grade Myo-Inositol with added folic acid.  I had been using Source Naturals Myo-Inositol, but I didn't have the same success.  Pregnitude works to improve insulin resistance, just like Metformin, but it comes without any of the side effects.  It is all natural.

Gelatinized Maca.  It is better than raw Maca, because it is more concentrated and more digestible.  Maca is a Peruvian superfood, known to help balance hormones, give energy, stamina endurance.  Both men and women benefit and helps with sperm mobility and production as well!  I take 2 tsp. per day.  It has a nutty flavor and mixes easily in my smoothies or shakeology.  I also make Maca Chia power balls that are a delicious treat to healing.

Vitex Chasteberry.  I am using the tincture, which tastes totally disgusting, but it is much more effective than pills.  I take 1 dropper full in a shot glass mixed with water 2 times a day, like I do with pregnitude.  Vitex is an amazing herb that helps increase progesterone naturally and thus balancing the hormones.  PCOS causes an imbalance of progesterone and estrogen leaving women Estrogen and testosterone dominant.  I have never been good about taking this one because of the taste, but using a shot glass helps.

I just recently added after stopping Natural Progesterone Cream.  Natural Progesterone cream also helps to balance hormones, but it can also cause fat storage and make it difficult to lose weight.  I was having this problem and I couldn't figure out what was going on!  I was then told by a wellness consultant it was likely the progesterone cream. Ugh!  I immediately stopped it and switched to vitex.  I look forward to seeing if it helps.

Cinnamon and Chromium.  These are usually combined into one or two pills.  I take these to help with insulin.  It is recommended that we take 2000mg Cinnamon and 1000 mg of Chromium.  This is also great for those with diabetes.  I have major issues with blood sugar.  I have never been diagnosed with insulin resistance, but I am definitely hypoglycemic.  It has been a bit worse lately too!  I began eating 5 times a day years ago to help with this.  I have to really watch my carb/protein intake as well.  I can not eat carbs by themselves and I ALWAYS pair protein with them.  Again, good for everyone!

I use this cinnamon, but you will need to add a little extra Chromium.  This only has 2oo mg.

MEGA GLA.  Gamma Linolenic Acid  helps not only during TTC (Trying to Conceive) with healthy Cervical Mucus, but also it is known to decrease floating androgen's in the body.  This helps reduce acne, excess body hair and hair loss. I take 2 per day during the first half of my cycle and 1 pill the second half.

Tumeric. Another superfood that is great for everyone!  Its main function is to reduce inflammation in the body.  When our bodies are not running well or in balance, it can become inflamed.  For myself, it shows up on my face.  I have struggled my whole life with horrible acne.  When I splurge off my diet, or don't take my supplements like I should my face loves to tell everyone.  You cannot hide acne.  Tumeric does help with that, however, and many other things...

Ironically, much of the research done on PCOS and supplements is always geared more for infertility or TTC.  But what comes after baby?  We still need to be in charge of our health, we still have an imbalance of hormones that can lead to disease!  Fighting PCOS Naturally is doable and much safer than taking any drugs.

Have you had any success with these supplements?  Where are you at in your journey?


Kim @ Infertile Myrtle said...

This is very timely! I have severe PCOS which has given me 3 years of tough infertility struggles. I'm currently on a break from trying to get pregnant & struggling w/ my weight. This all sounds so great but is a bit overwhelming... what are some simple first steps to ease into things?

J o s e y said...

Pregnitude definitely helped regulate my cycles and I got pregnant with #2 without medical intervention. Now that I'm 8mo postpartum, I'm debating starting it again just to help with the insulin resistance and weight loss. Thanks for the writeup about it all!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

If you could only choose one thing to start, I would start with the Pregnitude for sure! It really helps with weightloss, acne, insulin, and regulating cycles. However we are also very low in Progesterone so I would also add the VItex OR MACA, both of these are great! So start with the Pregnitude and after a month or two, add the Vitex or MACA so you don't get overwhelmed with supplements :)

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Josey, that is amazing you get pregnant with the Pregnitude! I know it really helps some people! It helps me with my overall health, which is why I am starting it again! I definitely saw results pretty quick, about a month after being on it! :D

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