Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Still pregnant... 5 weeks 4 days!

It is a miracle really.  I can't believe I'm sitting here, sore boobs, growing swollen belly (all baby bloat!) that doesn't go down, hungry as ever with cravings... still pregnant.

This coming Monday is our first ultrasound.  I would be lying if I didn't say I wasn't terrified, because I am.  Although all my symptoms do give me comfort, the 'what if's' do pop in my head now and again.

I am still telling myself what I felt like God was saying to me... Trust me anyway!  I think that is going to be my motto for the entire pregnancy, God willing we make it!

Since my last BETA, I ran out of tests.  And I haven't picked up anymore.  I thought for sure I would still be testing, but I do rest in how i'm feeling.

Starting around four weeks and a day, my appetite began to increase a bit and I started craving more red meat.  Since I'm allergic to eggs (miracle in my health and why I think I'm still pregnant!), I've been eating meat for breakfast!  Sweet foods are just not filling me up!  No more protein shakes and greens, yuck!  Here is my breakfast today...
Meatballs, marinara and a side of pickled spicy vegetables!

Mothers day we drove up to Santa Barbara for a mini vacation.  C had to work, but the boys and I tagged along.  It was beautiful!  We had a great time.  

SB is like foodie heaven!  There are so many great organic/gluten free restaurants to choose from.  These pics are on the pier and we went to the little aquarium.  Its super cute... almost as cute as my boys!  (Maximus on left, Rocco on right)

The crazy thing about being on prednisone, is that it is supposed to mask morning sickness and fatigue.  I do get a little tired at times, but honestly I am doing pretty good!  I was also waiting to gain a ton of weight, and I've LOST weight (now maintaining).  Everywhere I read is that you get "moon face" from it.  So far so good in that dept.

I made a "FAITH PURCHASE" I couldn't help myself! We walked into the cutest toy/baby store down town. I thought "what the heck.." I am buying this in faith, believing this is going to be our take home rainbow baby. And, I just received my lab reports from my immunologist. Everything is looking GREAT, and he only wants me doing one day of IVIG this month! Praise God! (Before transfer I did 2 days back to back.) and that will save us 2k! 

I have hope! And BTW, my kids know. We talk about everything. They know about my losses. I am very open with them (on their level of course). But Maximus said today, "Mommy, God told me you are having a boy and this baby isn't going to die." I never told them the gender. Oohhhh Lord, I pray this is our Rainbow 🌈

I went and did my one day of IVIG today... $2,200 later :(  But, anything for my growing bun!  Its working so of course
we have to!

I will leave you with a belly shot... its not pretty!  This is a heparin tummy...

I already have a pooch! Although not sure if you can tell here!

I took this one at five weeks exactly...

Please continue to pray for us.  I'm praying every time I think of it, Lord, please protect this little life <3 p="">

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