Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Not sure what to do.

I have been doing so much research on PCOS its crazy. I feel so educated on it! I know that diet plays such a huge role. I eat super healthy as it is... I eat a clean diet (whole grains, lean meats, fruits, veggies, nothing processed, etc.). But, I wanted more info on eating to balance hormones. I found a dietitian in Newport Beach who specializes in PCOS. When I spoke with her she was so friendly, VERY informative and extremely helpful. I have an appointment with her on Monday.

I told her that I knew diet was influential in PCOS and that it can help with symptoms. She replied that "yes, diet played a huge role but that metformin was also key." She was shocked that I was not on it AND that no one had every talked to me about it... So am I! I'm surprised that Dr. D never put me on it, especially since research shows it makes PCOSr's more fertile! One of my friends, is currently doing follistim and she had been on met for about 3 months prior to starting. She is not insulin resistant (neither am I), but her RE put her on it immediately. She got pregnant on the second try... although it was a chemical pregnancy, she still got pregnant! With PCOS, our androgens (male hormones) are high, which studies show it can lower egg quality! I'm pissed that my RE never gave me Met, prior to doing follistim!

Anyways, I am considering taking it. I called Dr. D and he said it wouldn't hurt (obviously!).

BTW, I think PCOS causes your body to give you signs of ovulation and then you don't fully get there. I was COMPLETELY WRONG the other day. I feel like an idiot and almost didn't write about this, but I don't want to be posting false info. I HAVE NOT ovulated yet. But, I do think I'm close.

I also read a while ago that your body can give you mixed signals... hence the clear blue easy fertility monitor isn't always accurate for those of us with PCOS! I am still using those hard to read OPK's, haven't got a positive yet. I just thought that maybe it was wrong because I drink so much water, it couldn't pick it up! Oh well. Will post when I see my temp jump. I am currently CD21. Lets pray its earlier that last month, which was CD30! So frustrating!


Kate said...

Hi Sara,

Sorry you're feeling frustrated about the Met, but the nutritionist sounds awesome. I can't wait to hear her suggestions. I think it's definitely true that PCOS can give you signs of ovulation, but you don't actually get there. "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" talks a little about it. I think most public libraries carry it if you are interested.

Hang in!

Mickelle said...

Yes, you're definitely right about the "signs" of ovulation without it actually occurring. Hang in there -- with your dedication, research, and diet, you'll totally get there.

(mickelle, a fellow cyster)

Sara said...

Thanks Ladies :)

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