Friday, April 1, 2011

Oh how I've missed you...

I have been on a serious blog hiatus and have had so many things to write about, but couldn't. My house has been under construction for the past three weeks and our computer hasn't been hooked up. My last post was via Android. Pretty much, it has been hell around here. I'm am using my husbands work computer to write this one. So, here's what I've been up to:

***The construction that was supposed to take a week, has now completely stopped due to HOA (home owners association) BS. We've had to get an attorney because the HOA is trying to back out of paying for the bill. Our house is a complete mess down stairs so I try to stay out of here as much as possible.

***TWO BOYS!!! Okay, this is going to sound HORRIBLE, since I'm an infertile fertile (please don't judge!). I was completely shocked about having two boys. I was so sure, like many of you who voted, that there was at least one girl in there. Okay I KNEW baby A was a girl! The gender determination for baby A took long. As usual, baby A didn't want to show the goods. Baby B gave us a strait shot almost immediately and I said with tears in my eye's, "there's my boy!" I loved him immediately! He was who I was bonding with this whole time! My wild lil boy! Now, baby A showed us a glimpse of his goods and the tech thought it was a girl! We saw three lines. However, nearing the end of our appointment, baby A decided to get a little more active and show the his goods as well... a penis! My husband jumped for joy! What guy wouldn't want two mini me's!? He leaned down and said, "don't worry we can try for more." I know he felt bad. But, I tried to be excited anyways. "I know these boys are going to be the cutest!" We met our families for C's bday dinner and had a blast. Everyone was excited about our lil boys!

The following day, reality set in. The baby girl I knew I was having, the baby girl I was bonding with in my belly wasn't there. I felt like I didn't know this other baby now. It was the most horrible feeling. I cried and cried (and the pregnancy hormones did not help). First I cried about having two boys, then I cried about crying I was having two boys, then I cried because how could someone so blessed to even be pregnant be upset about the amazing miracles growing in my tummy... The babies I felt moving every day? I realized I had to morn the loss of the girl I THOUGHT I was having. What a process...

Today, I am more than blessed, more than excited, about the two lil miracles that God has blessed me with. Some said to me, "It takes a special woman to raise boys." I think they are right! I have two older brothers so I know exactly what its like. What do I look forward about now? Taking my boys camping, fishing, teaching them baseball (I played softball), snowboarding, to the beach, teaching them how to skateboard, surf, I can't wait to take them traveling, etc. I am an active adventurous person and maybe God new that boys would be what’s best for me and for them :)

***Tuesday night, C and I went to the last preseason Angels/Dogers game. It was so much fun! The babies went crazy! I think they really liked all the noise. One of the Angels hit a home run and everyone was cheering, Baby A kicked me so hard I literally jumped! It was my first hard kick! It startled me... I can't wait for more!

***I have been so worried about a shortening cervix. I have, unfortunately, read all of these horror stories about women going into preterm labor due to an incompetent cervix. To my great surprise, I mentioned this to Dr. I at my last visit, he measured mine via ultrasound and it was 3.8! Really good. I go to the perinatologist for my next visit where they will measure again and do the full anatomy scan on my boys. I am now going to be measured every two weeks! It feels good to be taken care of!

*** Okay, don't be jealous, but it was 85 degree's here yesterday. I live about 1.5 miles from the beach, so that is where I went! In Huntington Beach, we have a section that is for dogs, called dog beach, so I took Oliver, got into a BIKINI, took my beach chair and a book and "laid out." I am very proud of myself for rocking the bikini with a huge belly! I'm not sure if people think I'm pregnant or just fat, but the good part is, I DON'T CARE! I love being pregnant!!!

*** Baby shower planning and registering!!! Yup! C and I went to babies r us and began a registry! I am so excited, although totally over whelmed! There are way to many brands for the same product. I think we added about two things on our registry in the store then I came home and actually looked at reviews of products on the internet (C's work computer). I am still deciding what to do in the nursery. I'm not into baby baby stuff, maybe just a touch of it here or there. We'll see. Any idea's?

My mom is throwing me my baby shower which I'm so excited about. We are going to do a garden theme with Two Pea's in a Pod. Green's, Yellow's, and Blue's... I'm excited! Oh, and its going to be June 18! I'm going to be nice, huge, and 28 weeks pregnant! :)

***Okay, last thing! I'm sorry I missed my 16 week update and I'm a day past due for my 17 week. I'm going to try to post later with a belly pic for my 17 week. And I know I still owe you pics of baby boy's! But, I am sooo excited to be 17 weeks!!! Can you believe it!?!

***Okay, one more thing! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL THE WONDERFUL WISHES AND CONGRATS ON OUR BABY BOYS! I love reading your comments... your support is so cherished! xoxo


Krista said...

Okay....a few things. We've missed you!! Sorry your house is still in shambles, I hope they get it figured out SOON! My really good girl friend became pregnant with twins about 2 years ago (completely natural)...she already had one little adorable boy. She was shocked when she found out she had 2 in there, but she was SURE at least one of them was a girl. She is very girly girly and her and her mom have a very close relationship. Well, when she went in for the gender guessed....TWO MORE boys!! She was beyond upset. I don't blame her even though I am an infertile and would KILL for two boys, but I completely understood and I completely understand why you are upset. Her littles just turned a year and she is doing much better. She still wishes she had a daughter and gets upset that she probably won't have more kids, but she LOVES being a mommy to boys. The thing with boys is that they don't go through that teenage nasty stage that girls go through, they always ADORE their mommy unlike girls who go through the stage of being embarrassed by mom. I’d love one of each, but if I had to choose 2 girls or 2 boys, I’d choose 2 boys in a heartbeat.
Have you checked Pottery Barn Kids for bedding. Here are a few that I like:
I like them because they aren’t real “baby baby.”

My Infertile Confessions said...

Here come the water works again! Krista you are so sweet! Thank you for writing this comment.. it made me cry! I guess that's why I want(ed) a girl so bad, I have such a good relationship with my mom I want(ed) the same thing. But, yes, I too was a horrible teenager, so I don't have to look forward to that! ;-)

Rosachka said...

In the perfect world we would all love to have a boy and a girl, but the world is not perfect. To tell you the truth, I am secretly wishing for twins a boy and a girl. I would also be upset if it would be 2 boys, but Krista is sooo right. I just look at my DH's relationship with his mom, both him and his brother would do anything for her. It's true that girls want girls and boys want boys, but when the kids are born, boys tend to be closer with their moms and girls become daddy's little girls. So, there is no reason to be upset at yourself for being upset!
Plus, I can't wait to see a pic of your two little beans :) and your tummy.

Anonymous said...

I think you are completely justified to feel a bit disappointed...and I think that if most people were honest, they'd also choose to have one of each. Especially those of us who have to work so hard to have kids! And I don't know what you guys are thinking, but if we had gotten pregnant with twins, that would have been there definitely would have been some grief over whatever gender we'd be "missing out on." I have to say though, as the oldest of three and only girl, I have mourned the non-existence of a sister for my whole life. I think there is something so special about a same gender sibling. And just think about what a great mother-in-law you will be to your sons' wives! :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your honesty- I too had some of the same feelings about having 2 boys- not that we are beyond excited, but the dream of having a daughter was hard to let go.
We are also in the midst of remodeling- so I totally now the feeling-! Hopefully it will be all done soon and you can start getting the boys nursey ready :)

Karenda said...

I really believe deep down most woman want a little princess to share interest with, so there is no shame in really wanting a little girl! But your going to have a blast with those boys and who knows....there MIGHT be a surprise little girl later on down the road. Also I feel so bad for yall having to go through all of that construction with the babies on the way! i know it must be frustrating. Praying that it's over soon!

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