Monday, November 7, 2011

6 more lbs...

I am now 6 lbs away from my pre-IVF weight and 3 lbs away from my pre pregnancy weight.  Although, I don't really know if IVF is what caused me to gain 3 lbs because we did IVF over the holidays so I could have been just over indulging.  Actually, I believe 1 year ago today I was on BCP's and gearing up for the dreaded Lupron shots.  Its so crazy to think how much has changed in one year!

Anyway,  I'm back in my jeans (yay!) and only a few more to go to get back to my "fighting weight!"  However, my body (abs) have definitely changed.  My stomach seems much flabbier than it did before (hello... you just delivers TWINS!) and it makes me feel like I need to lose even more weight than previously.  My waist is bigger (per measuring).

What I've been doing to get back into shape and lose the baby weight...

  • Breastfeeding TWO babies (Lost 30 right away, then plateaued.  Started watching my diet more and now have lost 6.4 more!)
  • Jogging/walking (almost everyday I get outside and do one or the other!  I had to invest in a NO-BOUNCE sports bra... works wonders for my new size!)
  • Pilates (The best ab tightening core workouts I know of)
  • Eating right! I thought because I was breastfeeding I could eat whatever I wanted and how much!  NOT SO MUCH!  It did get me so far, but to lose the last 10-15, my diet needed some tweaking!  I was worried it would affect my supply, but I have plenty!
My final weight gain from my twin pregnancy... 38 lbs (post IVF) and 41 lbs (pre IVF).  Not too bad!  However, my body needs much more work!  My mother said it takes about a year for your body to get back to normal.  We'll see.  I think most people don't start eating right and exercising right away!  February we are headed to Kauai with our babies, so I have extra motivation to get in a bikini :)

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Calmly Chaotic said...

Good for you for getting the weight off fast. I still have oh about 13 pounds to get off to get back to my original weight but I am not aiming to get it all off as I was somewhat rake thin pre ivf and pregnancy so keeping some curves would be nice. I gained 57 pounds during my pregnancy so alot has come off but i'm with you on the tummy, definitely not the flat one i had before but i will get there and so will you!

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