Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bath time fun...





The boys really do love their bath.  We give them one EVERY NIGHT!  I think a night time routine is crucial... especially for twins. Usually at about 7pm they start getting fussy, letting us know they are ready for bed.  We take them upstairs and as soon as they hit the warm lavender infused H2O, the tears subside and they are calm. Baths take no more than 5 min at this point so it really isn't  a hassle.  And we don't always soap them up, but always get their bottoms nice and clean... no diaper rashes please!

I have had one REALLY bad diaper rash experience.  Maximus had one where it left his poor lil bottom raw.  It took weeks to heal.  I wouldn't use wipes just would give him a "bidet" in the sink!  Since then, I learned why.  The boys were pooping at EVERY feeding and I had not been putting any protection, i.e. Butt Paste!  I swear by Bordeaux's Butt Paste now!  At every changing I smother their lil bottoms with the stuff and since then we have been diaper rash FREE!

After bath we feed and then read a story, or two.  They LOVE story time.  Its adorable hearing their coo's and giggles while I'm reading.  They watch me read so intently.  I think starting reading young is also so important!  My SIL never read to her baby now her 14 month old won't sit still for a story!  He doesn't understand it!  Maybe its the teacher in me, but I love to read to them and I hope it instills their desire to read as well.

After story time, I kiss them good night and turn out the lights.  Sometimes they fall right asleep and sometimes they just lay there for a while.  But they know its time for bed and they eventually fall asleep, without fussing.

I love routines!


clewis said...

Well done, Im all for routines too. Sounds like its all going great!

Anonymous said...

They look like they love their bath! So cute. I love the picture of Rocco with both his arms up in the air!
Your night time routine sounds awesome-. And I am so impressed that they are able to fall asleep in their cribs by themselves. I usually have to rock my boys for a while. I totally agree that routines are crucial.

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