Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Leaving the babies... Over night!

Yup!  I am officially going to take the plunge and leave the babies over night!  I haven't even left them for the day, let alone a WHOLE NIGHT!  Yikes!  Whats a mama to do? ha ha!

I have always said that by putting your husband first, you are putting your kids first too!  It was VERY hard the first six months to do this, when I had TWO babies glued to my breasts and had to also pump.  The romance was practically gone for a little bit there.  We would have date nights and unlike before where we would rush home to... I would have to rush home to PUMP!  Ya, no romance in that!  Now, it has gotten SO SO much better.

We have more time together.   Dinners are together as a family since the boys are eating table food now and only like to feed themselves. I feed them pretty much whatever we are eating.  They go down for the night at 7pm so we have the night to...  Its nice.  The romance is back!

Our FIVE year anniversary is on Friday this year which is also the day we got married on.  It is crazy to me because it has gone so fast! But we have decided to drive down the coast and splurge and stay at the Ritz in Laguna Beach (about a 20 min drive).  I am so unbelievably excited and READY for this. I am ready to have my husband all to myself.  I am ready for romance... wining, dining and  walks on the beach... just me and him! I know some of you are thinking "its about time," and I get that, but I have been crazy mom from the beginning and I wouldn't change that for a second.  I knew how fast the first year would go and I didn't want to miss a second of seeing these boys grow!  Now that they are ONE and becoming little boys, I think they are ready and so am I.

Truly... the look of LOVE!  And I love my husband more now!

One of our engagement photo's... taken five years ago!

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cstelle said...

I can just think how hard it is to leave the boys for the fisrt time, I am still suffering with that too.

Enjoy your romance night!!!

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