Sunday, September 23, 2012

Fun with my 50! The boys... 13 months! (pictures galore!)

First pair of big boys shoes!  We love vans! 
Back yard exploration!  Every night the boys love to go outdoors to explore and watch airplanes!


Oliver taking a nap!

Rocco loves to play the "drum"


Rocco looking at the airplanes! We live near an airport and the boys LOVE to watch them fly by!



Maximus... His hair is getting CURLY like Mommy's!
Rocco, VERY strait hair like Daddy
Grandma came out to visit!

Bedtime stories with Grandma!

Mommy and Maximus after bath

Mommy and Maximus

Mommy and Maximus

Mommy and Rocco

Mommy and Rocco

Rocco intrigued by my camera

What a month!  The boys are growing leaps and bounds!  It is unbelievable.  In one month the have gone from babies to toddlers!  Some new things they are doing are...

Maximus: Started saying "uh oh, I did it! "His first sentence at 13 months!! Also says, "hi," "ball,"when he is eating he loves to say"mom" about 5o times to see me smile, of course, "dada," he signs "all done" or in Italian, "Finito..." (what Italiano I do know, I speak it to the boys).  It honestly melts my heart!  He is still cruising every where. No first steps yet.  Love to push the Lawn mower. "spider crawls" on hands and feet.  He falls a lot, cries and wines a lot.  I know he gets frustrated and wants to communicate, but can't.  Maximus is very temperamental, and a tester, I have had to start disciplining (time outs for a minute in the pack n play!) him at 12 months (something I NEVER anticipated!)  He had started hitting and biting at 12 months.  He went from baby to toddler over night!  Thankfully, I believe in discipline.  I believe discipline is LOVE.  He has improved tremendously and knows there are consequences to negative behavior, even at this young age.

Rocco: Says, "plane" which sounds more like "pain." He has picked up on Maximus saying "Mom" during meal times and says "mama" about 20 times and waits for me to smile or say "Ciao" or "Ti amo" to him or Maximus or blow them a kiss.  He also signs, "finito,"waves "hi" and "bye" Every night we go out in the back yard and watch the planes fly over us.  I also have taught Rocco to wave "Ciao" to the planes! He Cruises everywhere. No walking yet or steps, but will stand with no hands.  He Also loves to push the Lawn mower. "Spider crawls" on hands and feet.  Rocco is SUCH A sweet LOVING lil boy.  He loves to give Kisses and hugs and rub his head all over me, Daddy and Maximus.  He has a very mellow personality and is an easy going boy.  I am thankful of the balance ;-)

Cycle update
Cycle one- 35 days
Cycle two- 44 days
Cycle three- still waiting... I'm CD 46

I have officially started the Pregnitude on September 17th, which would be CD 40 (since I had the short break of the flu).  I have had cramps and bloating and I feeling like i am going to start AF any minute, but haven't.  I am not sure why I feel this way?  I loathe PCOS.


Neamorfnost said...

Oh my...the boys look so big! I am so jealous that they start talking :-) My Zachy just refuses to say anything but momma.

KC said...

Wow, what a month! They are so handsome and I LOVE the big boy shoes. I agree that discipline is very important. I have actually been really wondering how it will work when the boys get older. I might ask you some questions as the boys get older. I can't wait until my boys can talk it must feel so great to hear them say mom!
You house is gorgeous by the way, you have fabulous taste in decor.

My Infertile Confessions said...

Thank you KC! I love the tuscan look... I'm obsessed with Italy since studying abroad there in college :) Its crazy how fast they changed once they turned one! I read the "baby wise" books and recently the pre toddler wise! Such great ideas and I have changed many of my parenting techniques with great success! Next I will read the toddler wise. :)

My Infertile Confessions said...

My boys are talking, but Zachy is WALKING! I guess everyone does things at their own rate :)

Amanda said...

What beautiful pictures! Mia and Ben are totally jealous that you live by an airport- they LOVE airplanes :)

Anonymous said...

What great pictures! I love their big boy shoes! Every time I try to put shoes on my boys, they promptly rip them off. Maybe they need a pair of vans:)
They sound like vocal little guys! My boys have yet to say mama- I am really looking forward to that day! They say Daddy and cracker and kitty- but not Mama!
Your boys personality sound a lot like mine, and like you, I am grateful for the balance.

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