Saturday, November 8, 2014

IVF #2 is Officially Underway!

I started my period on CD41.  I was so frustrated it took so long, but I was just getting back on track with my natural supplements so everything was a bit out of whack.

CD3 I went in for my baseline... blood work, ultrasound, and consult.  C also came to get his bloodworm and drop off a sample for the SA.  We brought the boys with us as well and made it a family trip ;-)  They didn't come back with my for the U/S and had a total meltdown instead.

We aren't telling any of our family about moving forward with IVF, just like last time.  It is going to be a bit more challenging with appointments and a set a twins, but we will make it work.

Why aren't we telling anyone?  We don't want opinions.  Its no one else's business.  We prayed about moving forward with IVF for a long time, just like we did last time.  IVF is such a personal choice and one that people can have very strong views about.  We love our family.  My mom is my best friend and would totally support us as well, but it is still fun to keep somethings private... and hopefully be able to share a miracle surprise!

When I need reassurance, I seek the Lord.  When I struggle, he give me strength.  When I pray, he guides my steps and answers me. I truly feel calm about this IVF, as I did last time.  I trust the Lord and know that what ever happens, it is in his plan for us.  That is so comforting.

The Results

Chris's SA : 40 mil, great motility, but only 2% morphology!  

We didn't wait the full 48 hours (36 hours) of abstinence and he had a little trouble completing the task, so to speak.  As for the morphology, it is no wonder we aren't getting pregnant!  His sperm cannot penetrate my eggs so we are moving forward with ICSI again :)

Sara's: All my numbers were exactly were they were supposed to be!  I can't remember the exact numbers, but my FSH and Estrogen meant I am still fertile (here's hoping!)  The first u/s I did over 5 years ago to check my ovaries, I had about 40-50 tiny cyst on each one!  This time, only 8-10!  How amazing!  Natural medicine and clean eating does really work!  

So Now What?

I started my BCP's.  After being drug and hormone free for four years now, let me just say, my body did NOT like this.  I started the pills (2/day for three days) on CD3.  I had a head ache (and I have one right now!) and was extremely exhausted for a week!  I was taking naps when my boys napped, like 2-3 hours a day!  My body is hating me :(

I go in Tuesday for my hysteroscopy (no fun!) to check my uterus for any changes, especially since I had given birth to twins, had a c-section, and two surgeries to remove my uterine septum.  He is also doing my trial transfer. 

We are on full steam ahead!  Its all happening so fast! Last time, things couldn't move fast enough, now, its going to be here before we know it!  

I start Lupron on the 12th and Stims on the 22, and a tentative Egg Retrieval on the 5th. Eeek!  I just received my GIANT box of meds today.  It is so crazy!  

I'm ready.

Lets do this!


Amanda said...

Hey there!! I had no idea that you were back! I am sooo exited for you! I just sent a longer message to your FB page :) :)

Stephanie said...

Good luck! Sending you positive thoughts as you start this process!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Amanda! Yay! I will reply on my FB. So glad to hear from you :)

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Stephanie... Thank you so much! <3

Anonymous said...

Wishing you luck on this cycle!

SecondVoice said...
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SecondVoice said...

Good luck! Stay strong and stay faithful!

Morgan Brooks said...

Hi come ICLW!! Good luck and many prayers for you as you start this journey again! Excited to follow your journey!

Petunia said...

Stopping by from ICLW. Good luck with the upcoming IVF! I look forward to reading updates and hearing more about your clean eating. I agree, it's amazing how the right foods can transform our bodies.

Megan said...

How exciting! Except for the BCP - I remember when my FET cycle started a couple of months ago that was the worst. The moodiness was terrible!

JCH4DCU said...

Wishing you the very best of luck as you carry through with your next IVF.

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Thank you all of you! Your support, prayers and good vibes are definitely appreciated!

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