Sunday, November 30, 2014

We're almost there... IVF#2

A few days ago my tummy started getting that full, don't touch me feeling.  I totally DID NOT remember how uncomfortable growing eggs is... and I do grow A LOT of eggs!  A few days ago I reread my last IVF experience and I had forgotten so much!  I explain how I am feeling so well here for IVF #1.

IVF#1 I had 29, and it looks as if I will be right back up there.  My stomach is bloated (not cute), and I can't handle any pressure, which mostly comes from my twins who want to jump, sit, and wiggle on me. My tummy is off limits!

I went in for a check yesterday and my follicles were measuring 13-15mm, we want them at 18mm before we trigger with HCG.  It is looking like ER is going to be Wednesday, which means I will be triggering tomorrow night! Eeeeek!  Fingers crossed we reach 18 tomorrow... it feels like we are here today!  I can't handle much more growth! LOL!

Thanksgiving was great.  We spent the day at my parents.  Very relaxing and so nice to be able to spend time with my family.  I hope you all had a beautiful holiday!

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Amanda said...

I just saw your post and realized that today is Wednesday!! I hope that all went well if the retrieval was indeed today!
LOVE that pic of your family- so gorgeous! Love your haircut too :)

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