Friday, December 10, 2010

Its getting crowded...

in my ovaries!  Since yesterday, I have been progressively getting more uncomfortable.  I feel pressure in my pelvic area and I'm worried because ER isn't going to be til NEXT WEEK!  I know its only going to get worse.  I'm also VERY worried about OHSS, especially since I was so uncomfortable after my last IUI's and I O'd only SIX eggs (which was very dangerous for IUI!). 

My blood work Tuesday showed an increase in estrogen and then I had a follow up appt yesterday.  All of my lil follicles measured 10-11mm which was good, but when I asked how many... he responded 20 + (yikes)!!  He is HOPING that we get about 12 good eggs  instead of 20 okay ones.  BUT, I have so many already growing!  I thought that they would also lower my dose, but nope, I'm still taking 225 iu's of Gonal F.  My estrogen level is just slowing plugging along.  It was at 350 yesterday.

On a good note, I spent the week at my parents since C was in Dallas.  I had such a good time.  My mom and I made ginger bread cookies and decorated them.  They are yummy!  I also got ALL of my xmas shopping done.  Since the next couple weeks are going to be filled with IVF appointments and I am not sure how I'm going to be feeling after ER, I had to get it done.

(Its my Oliver cookie!)

When I picked C up from the airport, there was almost no space in the back of my car (with the seats down) for his suitcase!  Its full of presents! 

I'm not sure about the side effects of all this medication, but I have been having really bad headaches on and off this week, also I've been seriously tired, and I ate so many carbs at my parents (its carb heaven over there!).  But, its either the meds OR I'm STILL detoxing from caffeine but I haven't drank any coffee in weeks only ice OCCASIONALLY, I'm tired from all the xmas shopping (?), and I may have ate so many carbs because its comfort food and I ate emotionally since I was "home."  Not sure?  I do feel bloated, but I think that is from all the food.  When I got home today, I slept for 3 hours.  It was nice. 

Oh... my mom never found out about the meds, but I do suspect she thinks we are doing some kind of IF treatment since I had to leave for a Dr appt.  And on Wed. I had to drive ALL the way home because I forgot "something" at home that was mucho importante (my Lupron, but I couldn't tell her!)!  That wasn't fun, its an hour drive each way.

I have another appt in the morning!  Will post my stats tomorrow :)


Rosachka said...

I have my appointment tomorrow too, and my 11 follies are 9 to 12 mm. We'll have ERs together and will have due dates together too. Thinking only positive thoughts! Good luck tomorrow, I want to know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had a great time w/ your family :) Plus you were able to get all your christmas shopping done! That is awesome- I am just a little jealous. I feel so behind this year. Good luck at tomorrows appt- hope all goes well.
PS The lupron gave me terrible headaches as well- hang in there.

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