Sunday, December 12, 2010

Crazy busy weekend...

I just got home from a baby shower and C's family xmas party.  I also had a dr appt this morning and will continue to have one daily til ER.

Yesterdays appointment went well and I am happy to report that some of the follicles are taking off and leaving some behind!  I'm not sure how many there are but I don't think we'll have 20 for the ER (yay!).  Currently, they range from 10-16mm and estrogen is at 1500.  Dr. C (the other RE in the practice) says that she wants them at 18mm in diameter, which means, that if your have a 20 x 16mm its diameter would be 18mm and that would most likely make them mature.

I am a little bummed because I thought we would be triggering (taking the HCG shot) monday night and ER would be Wednesday and its looking like I'm going to trigger Tuesday and ER is going to be Thursday.  But, whatever is best for my lil eggies, is okay with me :)

I am still taking 225 iu of Gonal F and 75 iu Menapur and 5 iu Lupron .  Tomorrow they want me to take the Lupron before I come in for my appointment and take the Menapur with me to the appointment.  Not sure why?  Hopefully I do not have to take it tomorrow... it seriously burns!!

My tummy is so sore and tender from all the shots.  I seriously have lil pin holes all over it!  Also, I am feeling more and more pressure down there and its getting really uncomfortable during the pelvic u/s.

Will update more tomorrow!!

**I am also required to take baby asprin to help with blood flow, contiue my metformin for pcos, and of course, a prenatal vitamin.  I'm taking citra natal.  I like it because it comes with an omega 3 pill too :)


Rosachka said...

Hang in there! Not much time left until the trigger! I triggered tonight, so a bit a head of you there :) Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like your ovaries are doing well! Looking forward to reading your next update... hoping your retrieval is soon:)

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