Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy December ICLW!

 And THANK YOU to all of you leaving kind, supportive comments and cheering my lil embies on!  I sincerely appreciate it!  This is such a difficult thing to have happen, but we are still holding onto hope!

EMBY...  the only way to find out if there is a fertilization problem is in the petri-dish, unfortunately.  I had a feeling that this might be the problem when we were going through IUI cycles, and I knew we would find when/if we did IVF.  My husband calls me a "hypochondriac."  But, for some reason, my intuition is usually correct.

A recap of the past year...

January... find out my uterine septum is back for the second time, via office hysteroscopy
February... surgery #2 to remove the uterine septum.  Balloon put in my uterus for 2 weeks.
March... balloon comes out, uterus still healing. Office hysteroscopy, Uterus cleared, septum gone!
April... TTC on our own, BFN
May...Follistim/IUI #3.  Great cycle, ovulate 6 eggs... BFN
June... devastated, DH and I decide maybe kids aren't in our future.  Break from IF treatments and blogging.
July... TTC on our own.
August...TTC on our own, celebrate anniversary #3 in Kauai, talk about IVF??
Sept... Met new RE Dr. R, loved him!  He wanted us to do clomid
Oct.. period never came, tired of waiting... On to IVF!
Nov... BCP/Lupron
Dec... Stims, ER, ET, BETA!

And now here we are....  After another "amazing cycle" (God, I'm tired of RE's telling me that!), barely hanging onto rescue ICSI'd embryo's.  Tomorrow's the big day, Day 5 (6) Embryo Transfer.  We have to be there tomorrow at 630 am for transfer of one (I'm going to ask for two) embryo's.

Prayer is what is keeping me strong through this!


Rosachka said...

Good luck tomorrow!!! I am happy that after all the stress and heartbreak you will have an opportunity to transfer 2 of your little embryos. Let us know, how it goes, I'll be waiting for your blog tomorrow. :)

Miss Ruby said...

oOoOo good luck!! I hope it all goes well and that they settle in and love their new home so much they decide to stay for 9 months!!

~Happy ICLW~
#14 http://themissruby.blogspot.com/

~May your Christmas be filled with Peace~
~And your New Year with Hope~

Anonymous said...

GoOd luck with the transfer and grow babies grow!

Krista said...

Good luck! How exciting that you are this far along in the process! Want to trade? (haha...just kidding!) We are starting IVF in a few weeks! I'll be following your blog and crossing my fingers!!

The C's said...

Stopping by via ICLW Week
Congrats on the Embabies! Sending sticky baby dust your way.
I've never heard of Rescue ICSI, I will now be using Dr. Google to research this.
I have also been Dx w/PCOS TTC #1, TTC #2 time "maybe or maybe not" PCOS and advised if we do IVF, ICSI is recommended again, like TTC #1.
Looking forward to following your journey.
The Cs
#78 ICLW

Sarah S said...

Good luck with your transfer!!

Sending you tons of very sticky baby vibes your way!!

Happy Holidays and Happy ICLW

MoonNStarMommy said...

Crossing my fingers for you to have a welcoming womb, a happy nourishing lining and growing Embies!!!

Happy ICLW from #37 and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!

Jem said...

Got my fingers crossed for you! The 2WW is the worst, a jumble of hope and despair - hang in there.

~Jem, ICLW #5 – http://ambivalentwomb.blogspot.com/

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