Thursday, December 4, 2014

No IVF Is Alike... IVF #2

Sorry I've been MIA. My computer crashed a few days ago and I had to drop it off at the Mac store. The same part keeps going bad on it, but it's under warranty so I keep getting if fixed. Very frustrating.  I'm typing this on my IPad ;)

I have so much to catch up on, but I'm going to keep this post quick... I had my egg retrieval TODAY!  I got pushed back a day bc my follicles needed an extra day of growth. I have good new and bad news...

The good news... They retrieved 36 eggs from me today! I honestly don't remember being so uncomfortable as the last few days prior to ER. My stomach was so full and bloated, my kidneys even ached when I had to pee, which was quite often. I would have to grip the bathroom counter to help with the pain.

More good news, ER did not hurt as much! I feel quite well and I have two little blessings that wanted to cuddle with mommy in bed :) I'm feeling very thankful and blessed!

The bad news... I over stimulated :( they don't want your estrogen over 4000 and mine was about 4,300. I'm so bummed!  It isn't safe for me to get pregnant so we  are planning to freeze what we get and do a FET  after I recover. Boo! I'm bummed but trying to look at the bright side. I don't want to get sick and end in the hospital when I have two littles to care for.

Our plan now, praying for some really good news in he morning since we ICSI'd SEVEN eggs this time immediately. Freezing any other mature eggs right away too! I can't wait to get the call in the morning. PRAYING!

Thank you for checking in Amanda! I'm alive!


My Vegas said...

ouch! I have sympathy pains for you!
can't wait to hear the fertilization update!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness that sounds so uncomfortable! That's so great that you got to ICSI 7 eggs! Wow!! Sorry you over stimulated though :( How long does it take to recover from that? Can't wait to get the fertilization update!!!

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