Thursday, December 11, 2014

Drum Roll... IVF #2

I know I know, I lagged on posting!  But don't fret...

Monday night I tossed and turned all night.  I had nightmares about our Embryo's!  This was a totally different experience than last time.  I wasn't getting daily updates from the Embryologist to let me know how they were doing.  They just let the embryo's be.


Tuesday morning, I was on pins and needles waiting.  And waiting. And waiting. And waiting.  I mean I wasn't really sure if we were going to transfer or freeze or even if we had any left!

FINALLY! The phone rings.

It was Dr. R.  We have "TWO BEAUTIFUL BLASTS!" What joy... and relief!  He let me know that they are the top quality and there were three others they were "watching" giving them another day to see if they will make it to blast.  He also said, since we had such beautiful embryo's, he felt we were safe to wait and let my body heal and recover... if we had just "okay" ones he would have transferred. Honestly, I'm relieved!  I was MISERABLE.

It is always hard waiting, but I really need to be here for my kids who are here now.  They need me now.  I could not afford ending up in the hospital... or something worse happening to me!  OHSS is serious.


Days two, three, and four post ER were the worst in my recovery.  I was beginning to have trouble breathing and even had to sleep with two pillow so I stayed propped up!  I couldn't lay on my side to sleep without having sharp stabbing chest pains.  Lets just say sleep hasn't been the best.  When walking, I would have sharp shooting pains in my belly, not in my ovaries or pelvic area, but my stomach.

I called Chris and let him know the good news!  It was perfect.  We only fertilized seven because we didn't want too many, just enough.  I couldn't stop praising God the rest of the day...and I still am of course!

The Next Day

I get another call!  This time it is our Embryologist who Rescue ICSI'd our last batch and made Rocco and Maximus... Christine S.!  She is so sweet!  Sbe couldn't wait to hear about my boys and then let me know about our other embryos. We ended up with three more to freeze.  Three six day blasts.  At first I didn't know what to think.  Should I be happy? Upset? Worried?  We cannot have five more kids.

Again, we ICSI'd seven eggs out of 36, because we were told only 1/2 would fertilize and then we would likely end up with two blasts... now five! 

"Lord, we said, just enough!" My plan was two and I guess His was five!  This was his plan not ours.  I have no idea how the thaws or transfers are going to go... if they will all make it... or make a baby!  

These embryo's are in His hands.  I know His plans are greater than ours, and I have faith that we will have just enough.


Seven days post ER, I finally feel the OHSS disappearing.  Even yesterday I was in pain and needed a lot of rest.  Today I easily played with my children on the floor.  Today was a good day.

Picture taken two days before Egg Retrieval. My IVF miracles.


Stephanie said...

The pictures are beautiful! I'm glad to hear things are going well and that you are able to wait to transfer and focus on you recovering now.

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Thank you Stephanie! Yes, recovery is most important. I want to be in tip too shape for my little embies :)

Amanda said...

Such fantastic news!!! How long is the recovery usually? LOVE your pictures :)

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Thank you Amanda!! Yes we are thankful! So I have to wait two periods before we transfer. I started my first yesterday... One more to go!

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