Tuesday, December 16, 2014

11 day Luteal phase... IVF #2

So apparently my luteal phase is pretty weak without meds, or at least it was this cycle.  I was shocked that I started my period yesterday!  I'm not sure if it is because I stopped taking the progesterone after we decided not to do the transfer or what? But let me say.... it is BAD.

Dr. R. mentioned that a lot of times it is best to wait to transfer if someone has been hyper stimulated and many people have better outcomes on the FET.  Our lining gets overstimulated too which is not great for implantation apparently.  The down side, however, is a horrific period. I feel horrid.

What's Next

The good news is I only have to wait for one more period before we do the FET! Yay!  One down one to go!  The bad new is I bet I'm going to be super late, thank you PCOS!  I plan to get back on my natural supplements ASAP to help this cycle along! I am also feeling like a little cleanse would be good to help get some of these hormones out of my system... maybe after the holidays! ;-)

I am looking forward to spending this CHRISTmas time with my family, and then we are headed to Cabo Mexico for New Years!  I hope everyone has a blessed Holiday Season!  Merry Christmas!

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