Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Hear Their Prayer!

I just got off the phone with Dr. A, my receptivity uterine biopsy report came in!  Low and behold, my uterus is receptive on day six!  Even though we do not know if it is also receptive on day five, we are planning on a day six transfer!  I did get pregnant with my sons on a day six transfer so this may be our missing link!  Dr. Amin said she was VERY HOPEFUL for our up coming cycle!  I think I am too!

However, yesterday I had some mixed emotions.  C and I stayed up the night before dreaming about trips we want to take in the future... Greek Islands... Cinque Terre... etc.  The following morning he comes down and says, "lets not do this cycle, lets just go travel!  We can take off to Europe for Fourth of July!" I just looked at him with a sad face.

I went up stairs and started asking God, "Should we just stop trying, Lord?"  I began to think about how easy it would be and is getting to travel with our boys.  Having more children would definitely make it so much harder to go around the world. I continued to pray for clarity.

I got my answer to prayer at the doctors office.  I had to go get my infectious disease test redone because mine had expired.  I had my twins with me and Maximus asked, "Mommy why do we always go to this doctor."  I just had to explain... I mean how much you can explain to four year olds. I replied, "well, some people have babies very easily and Mommy and Daddy need a little extra help from doctors."  I went on, "You know Daddy really wants to go travel the world, we can do that, or we can try for a baby one more time.  What do you think?"  Rocco replied, "Mommy, lets just try for a baby one more time and if God doesn't give us one, then we can go travel." Maximus quickly added, "Ya mommy, I want my twin sisters, then we can go to Paris!" If that isn't an answer to prayer I don't know what is!?  This is faith of a child(ren).

I texted Chris with what had transpired.  He is in.  We are now doing this last cycle for them, yes for us, but for them who desperately want a baby or two.  Please God hear their prayer!


Lauree and Mike said...

From the mouth of children! I'm so glad your twins said what they said! I can't wait for your cycle!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Me too Lauree! It so funny how God can even use our children to speak to us!

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