Saturday, September 19, 2009

CD 11

I thought I would be getting my trigger today, but my bodies not reacting like it did last month. Last month I started my shots on Friday then did the trigger the following Saturday with two big follicals at 22mm. For them to be considered mature, they need to be at 18mm or above. I went in for my ultrasound and blood work yesterday. On my right ovary I had follies at 16mm, 14mm, 11mm and on my left ovary I had follies at 14mm, 12mm, and 11mm... it was something like that anyways. I have been taking 100iu of follistim since Monday and then Dr. D lowered my dosage back down to 75iu for last night and tonight. I go back for another u/s and b/w tomorrow. I am guessing that I will trigger either tomorrow or Monday and will do my b2b IUI's either Monday/Tuesday or Tuesday/Wednesday. But we'll see.

I love the fact this process goes so quick... especially because it DOES take over your life! You can't go out of town(meds need to be refrigerated and too many RE appointments), you have to be home at certain times during the evening (take shots same time every night!), once your in you 2WW, you can't workout, etc. I can't wait until I'm Pregnant so that I can have my life back! That sounds so crazy, but its true!

Last night my DH and I wanted to go on a date. We ended up going to dinner at a Mediterranean restaurant and having a good time, sans the wine. I really wanted to go see the movie Love Happens, but I had to come home to take my shot! Tonight is my 10 year high school reunion. I originally thought it was last week and I FOR SURE was not going to go because I was still grieving over not getting PG. I really didn't want to see people when I was so down. However, its tonight at 7. I usually take my shots at 8. Now, when am I going to do it? I have no idea yet! TBD. We decided to stay at my parents since we live an hour away from where I grew up. Tomorrow is another RE appointment, which means we have to wake up early to make it back out here! Its craziness... but hopefully it will be well worth it!

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Kate said...

Good luck! I hope that your 10 year high school reunion was fun and a good mental break from the IF.

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