Saturday, September 26, 2009

Waiting and waiting...

I hate waiting! It has only been 3dpiui and it feels like forever. At least during stimulation you feel like you are actually doing something. I actually started to LIKE the shots. Hmm... now what?

Today was actually nice. After sleeping 12 hours last night (progesterone?), I woke up, made french toast with veggie sausage and sliced peaches. We laid around for a while and were lazy. It was nice to have no agenda. Later we went down to Central park in Huntington Beach and walked around the lake with my baby, Oliver (I'll post a pic!). He got to play with the ducks and then got chased by a dog eating goose! Very comical. It brought back childhood memories of when I got chased by a goose with teeth! Later, we went and got lunch at the best taco place in town called, surf city taco's... yum!

It was nice and relaxing! No agenda, just me and my man (and my dog, Oliver!).

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