Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Loving life again...

I haven't written in here in a while. Why? Because I am too busy loving life again! My stress levels have gone waaayyy down. I feel great. My energy is back up too!

Since my last post, I have seen my accupuncturist, Teri Carrick, 4 times. Each time I have relaxed a little bit more and the last two times I fell asleep! It is very relaxing. When I am laying there I pray. For the first time I actually prayed for God to heal me from PCOS... there's a thought! Why didn't I think of that before!? Did I not think that the ultimate healer had the power to do such miraculous things!? Well, I realized that I never gave my fertility, or infertility, over to Him. I was carrying this burden on my own! It really took a toll.

When I need to give something to God, a burden I can no longer carry, I picture the cross. I picture me pushing a heavy bag with, for example, FERTILITY, written across the front of it. I was doing this daily for a while. Its a constant battle. Then one day, I was envisioning this scene and I saw God's hand come down and pick up my bag! I have never scene that before. I feel like it was God telling me, "I got it Sara, you can let go now." It was an awesome feeling.

So, what I'm doing now... eating a 40/30/30 clean diet natural of unprocessed foods, working out 6days/week (cardio, weight training, core training, yoga), going to acupuncture once/week, taking Chinese herbs twice/day, Vitex tincture 3 times/day (helps regulate cycle), drinking red rasberry leaf tea (helps tone the uterus and regulate cycle) twice/day, eating goji berries (good quality eggs), taking a prenatal, evening primrose oil (helps soften cervix and produce good CM), and eating lots of healty, omega 3 fats! Geeze that sounds like a lot! hahaha... But, this is a holistic approach. All of this is healthy. I am not masking my symptoms with some western medicine drug. I feel better, I am happier, healthier, AND I HAD MY EARLIEST UNMEDICATED OVULATION EVER (cd30)!! I am now in my 2ww. And if it doesn't happen. I will be okay. I know that God is in control and we WILL get our baby... in HIS timing.

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Kate said...

I am so excited for you. It sounds like you are in a wonderful place. You and a few others have me thinking seriously about acupuncture. I'm glad to hear about your experience. Sending good thoughts for the 2WW.

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