Monday, November 23, 2009

No Bambino

I started my period last Thursday, four days earlier than expected. I'm not sure why that happened. I thought the Luteal phase was always the same!? Mine was 15 days during my last unmedicated cycle, this time it was 11! I know that's not good or at least it doesn't help with implantation. I thought I was going to be upset when/if I started my period, but I wasn't. I was actually happy that I had my shortest cycle ever... 41 days!

I did some more research on the Luteal phase however, and there were some possible reasons. Either, my progesterone (p4) levels dropped too much or I ovulated earlier than my chart says.
Here is the website for my chart:

In any regard, through research I found some more things I could do to help with my pcos. This cycle I am going to try adding natural P4 cream. I read that most PCOSr's are low or deficient adding it to your 2ww is very helpful. It helps create a better lining, can lengthen your luteal phase, and help regulate your cycle. Here are some good articles:

I went to mothers market (a health food store) and purchased the most popular brand they had there, with the help of an employee.

The other thing I read about was the benefits of taking baby asprin (81 mg). It helps thin out the blood and increases blood flow to the uterus and ovaries, helps increase uterine lining and prevents miscarriages... plus its good for your heart!

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Kate said...

Thanks for the info on natural P4 cream. I am definitely going to look into that. Take care!

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