Sunday, April 18, 2010


I got my computer back!!! I was having withdrawls! ha ha. I had to take my comp in this week to get looked at because it had been running a little slow. Low and behold, it had three viruses. Last night I installed new virus software, so now we are protected and ready to go!

This week has been crazy. I had so much to write about so now I'll do my best to update...

Sunday- We were supposed to go camping down in Doheny Beach, but the weather sucked and it was raining. Big bummer, since I have been on spring break this week.

Monday- I got so much stuff done around the house! I put off so much while I'm working because I know I have a break coming up. I don't know if that's good or bad? I also had my second appointment with my new acu. It was really good... absolutely love him! My previous acu called to see how I was doing. I couldn't tell her that I switched, so I just told her I'm on spring break and taking a break. Is that bad? I felt horrible :(

Tuesday- My Meds came!!! I was so excited!!! I got my follistim, a new follistim pen, HCG, progesterone, tons of needles, and of course, the used needle container. I feel like a druggie! LOL. But, I'm supper excited! I had tons of energy today too and got more stuff done.

Wednesday- I crashed. I was so crazy busy the previous days, I thought I should relax a little and enjoy my break. Plus Tuesday night I had anxiety. I didn't understand it. I was feeling so good then all of a sudden I felt like an elephant was sitting on my chest :( I had an appointment with my counselor today too. Did I mention that I was seeing one? She is amazing and has REALLY been helping me deal with my emotions. All this IF stuff is tough!!!

Thursday- Had more energy again! My Mom came can stayed the night, which was awesome! I love her, she is the best! I had to take her to LAX in the morning so she could go and meet my Dad in Hawaii! My Dad's working on the Big Island, fixing up my cousins place. Poor thing! jk.

Friday- Went to my good friend G's baby shower! She is now 7 months PG with her miracle baby! It was awesome and I got to see one of my really good friends I haven't seen in two years! I was also the designated photographer, which was fun, but its really hard to be the guest AND the photographer!

Saturday- Woke up at 6 to take C to his dads. They did an overnight trip to Laughlin, NV. Had to get the wave runners from the mechanic and take them back to his Dad's place there. I Went to the women's luncheon at Church. AMAZING! The theme was, Grounded in Faith. Perfect for me and my circumstances. It was exactly what I needed. I was in tears almost the whole time! There was a guest speaker who had such an awesome story. She was a quadriplegic, who turned her life toward our Lord. She now has movement of her arms and can sing! She is married and even had a baby! Ladies, anything is possible with OUR GOD. If she could conceive NATURALLY, our God can do it ALL. It was kinda funny because she said she had a natural birth also... she didn't feel a thing!

And that about wraps up my week! Today I plan to go to church and then take Oliver on a nice long walk in central park (not in NY!). Hopefully C will be home early so we can spend some quality time together before I go back to work tomorrow.. UGH!

Oh, so I'm currently in my 2ww on a natural cycle. I am 9dpo. I don't want to get my hopes up, but I've never seen my chart look like this! Please check it out and tell me what you think!!

Thanks, SARA

My Ovulation Chart

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Kate said...

Glad your week ended on a positive note! Fingers crossed for your cycle!

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