Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I decided to...

change acupuncturists... finally. It was the best decision! I was never really sure of mine, she never seemed to do things thoroughly and when I had questions she would answer very vaguely. Although I have been going to her since October, I haven't really seen results... in my cycle anyway. I realized yesterday that she had been treating my symptoms, not the cause or route.

This acupuncturist, was awesome right from the start. In his office, he did a FULL medical back ground check, asking me tons of questions about my symptoms. I told him about pcos, long cycles etc. Then once we had all of that covered, he did further testing in the room where he does the acupuncture, he had me lay down and did further testing. He put pressure on different places on my abdomen and asked if there was pain. There were two spot that were uncomfortable. He also checked my "energy flow." By touching each finger and each toe and pressing on a gauge of some sort. I was weak on both my left pinky and pinky toe. This meant I had some blood stagnation in my small intestine and heart. He had me touch my abdomen in two spots. My lower abdomen was cold and my upper was hot. He said this meant I was too cool to carry a baby and not enough blood flow to the uterus.

Later he only put needles in two spots, which connected to the areas that gave me pain. I honestly felt like energy was running through my body. After the needles came out, he put pressure on the two spots again and the pain was gone! I couldn't believe it! He is good! I am bummed I wasted all this time and money on the previous girl. She was also $20 more expensive!

He said that next week he will balance my body, then start working on treating the stagnation and to bring heat to my abdomen... whatever that means!?! Ha ha

I am looking forward to my future appointments and to really see if this helps :)

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Kate said...

He sounds awesome! I'm so glad you found him Love the new blog design.

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