Friday, November 19, 2010

I am pretty...

devastated.  I just came home from my office hysteroscopy.  Thank God C came with me or I would have seriously been a wreck.  Usually I go into these and they are a piece of cake.  Usually take about five minutes.  This one took a lot longer.  It is very uncomfortable sitting there spread eagle and having a doctor dilate your cervix (ouch!).    C was a trooper and his hand is probably a bit sore from me squeezing it so hard.  Dr. R is very thorough so thank goodness for that!  When he first went in he thought every thing looked great, as did we.  Then he moved the camera over to the other "horn" and there is was... that dang septum is back for the THIRD time!  Two canals again. 

After he was done I just laid there, fighting back the tears.  What else could I do?  Dr. R stated our options and it is up to us what to do.  We can either have it removed for the third time, or go ahead with IVF and only implant one embryo.  How do we decide that?  He wouldn't give us an opinion either way.  I just broke down in tears at this point.  I don't know what to do???

C doesn't feel like he can go through another surgery.  Neither do I.  I have never even been pregnant so we aren't sure it would even cause that big of a problem.  LUCKILY, we remembered what Dr. R said from our first meeting, "I never would have removed the septum in the first place unless it caused a problem (aka miscarriage)."  Do we wait to see if we can get pregnant and potentially miscarry? Or do we do a cycle hope to get some really good embies, if we miscarry, have the surgery and then do a FET (God willing)?  UGH!!!!  I am pretty much devastated that we have to make this decision, AGAIN.

Feedback wanted please!  Thanks!

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