Monday, November 29, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

I just created our Christmas card and thought I would share it with all of you!  I love how they turned out.  You are the first to see...

I can't wait til they arrive!  We spent yesterday getting all the Christmas stuff out too.  We went got our Christmas tree!  I love decorating it, I love the way it smells and adds so much to the room!  I turned on the Christmas music and got to decorating!  It looks beautiful!

Thanksgiving was awesome!  There was so much food it was actually ridiculous.  You know when your mom used to tell you not to eat too much or you'll get a belly ache?  Well, I literally got a belly ache!  I had to drink some mint tea, which did help a little bit. 

We stayed the night at my parents and it was a full house.  The grand kids also wanted to stay so we had a full house.  

The following night, we went on a double date with G and her husband and saw Peter Pan at the Orange County performing Art center.

It was one of the best shows I've seen, next to Mama Mia.  I love the story of Peter Pan because its so magical!  It was the same story as the Disney movie with flying, Tinkerbell, The lost boys, Mermaids, and of course, Captain Hook.  Very well done, with awesome graphics!  I highly recommend it!

On a separate note... I've been on Lupron for six days now. I am NOT feeling good. I've had a headache on and off for the last four days and I got some seriously SORE BOOBS! I never read about the sore boob thing, but FYI they hurt. I have also been extremely tired. I am a tired person anyways, so I'm not sure if its the Lupron or just me being tired from all the Thanksgiving festivities!? I went to bed last night at 9 and woke up at 830!

I took my LAST BCP yesterday (yay!), so I should start my period any day then my next appointment is Friday. I'll be doing bloodwork, ultrasound, and getting more meds!  I can't wait to get this show on the road!


Karenda said...

Love the Christmas Card. It turned out great! Hope af shows up quickly so you can get started on this cycle!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Karenda! When are you going to start a new cycle?

Anonymous said...

Hey I just cam across your blog and wanted to wish you luck on your ivf cycle. We are pretty much on the same schedule. I just started my stim drugs today! Lupron made me miserable as well. It has serioulsy felt like I have had a headache for 2 weeks straight! Anyways best of luck!

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