Friday, November 12, 2010

I haven't had much...

to write about.  Its been pretty boring over here. Sorry for being MIA. I feel like I have writers block. Does that ever happen to you bloggers?

 I'm still on the waiting game, still taking my BCP's.  A week from TODAY I have my scheduled Hysteroscopy coming up and I believe the trial transfer (measuring of my uterus).  So that day isn't going to be much fun!  But, I spoke with Dr. R. recently and he wanted to move things up a bit, so I think I may start lupron on that day as well (or a couple days later). YAY!  I'm excited!  I will post my new schedule soon!

Other than that the last couple weeks I've been really trying to clean up my diet in preparation for IVF.  Not that it was that bad, but I am focusing more on eating vegetables at each meal and fruit!  I love fruit!  I am not eating any thing with sugar in it, I haven't had any coffee in a few days now, but I do drink 1 cup of green tea instead.  I know I know... it still has 20mg of caffine, but it is way better then coffee and has tons of antioxidents in it! Anyone else drinking green tea during IVF?  I'm not going to obsess too much about all the minor details.  I've done that before and look where it got us...  Now I know ultimately God is in control and any obsessing only hurts myself.

I am still working out at crossfit.  Today our workout consisted of a mile run then 50 pull ups, 100 push ups, 150 squats, and then another mile run.  It really kicked my butt! I know I can't continue working out like that once we start the stims... my poor lil ovaries wouldn't like it one bit!  But I love the workouts and bummed I have to stop (although I know its worth it!).   I am getting into the best shape of my life working out here.  Its pretty amazing.  I'm doing things I never imagined I would ever do, such as Olympic lifting!  And no, I am not getting bulky only more lean.  For anyone who wants to get into the best shape ever train at Crossfit.  They are all over the world!

When I go in for my trial transfer, I plan on finding out all my can's and can'ts for IVF.  I read an article recently that stated we shouldn't excerice excessivly during IVF because our bodies will try to prevent the pregnancy because of the stress.  I get it.  I do plan on at least walking and doing yoga.  What I think is rediculous is that it also states, "women who regularly exercised for more than four hours per week - and who had done so for one to nine years previously - were 40 per cent less likely to have successful IVF treatment than women who didn't exercise."  I think that is bogas!  I want to be as healthy as possible for WHEN I get pregnant.

What really doesn't make sense... my mom, who is an OB nurse,  had a 405 lb patient giving birth the other day to her second child.  They had to do a C-section and had to be put on oxygen AFTER it was over!  Now, how can someone who is clearly unhealthy get pregnant and us "healthy" individuals, not! Life is mixed up!  How is she going to care for that baby when she isn't even caring for herself?

It doesn't make sense.  But then again life most certainly doesn't.

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