Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Weight gain...

I am so upset today.  I literally came home from my OB appointment and cried.  I am sure it is partly hormonal, but I have always struggled with this topic... WEIGHT GAIN!

No, I am not upset about gaining weight.  I am loving my pregnancy body (and so does C!).  However, Dr. S made me feel really bad and now I'm thinking about switching.  Please let me know what you would do...

Dr. S: So have you been Nauseated or vomiting?

Me: No actually just very hungry!  I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night and HAVE to eat (thinking this is normal)!

Dr. S: Oh well if your concerned about weight gain, we can put you on the diabetic diet. (She proceeds to explain it to me... carb watching, etc.)

Me: Hmmm... Well I've gained 6 lbs now.

Dr. S: Most people lose weight in their first trimester!

Me: Well I'm not PUKING!

Dr. S: We only want you to gain 30 lbs total!

Me: (huh?  I thought that was for a singleton!) I read that it was 37-50 lbs for twins!

Dr. S: I only gained 2 lbs with my twin pregnancy.

Me: (Well that's because your obese!) oh.

I walked out of there with my tail between my legs (so to speak).  After going through SO MUCH to get to this point, the last thing I want to worry about gaining a SPECIFIC amount of weight.  She didn't even give me a range.  Plus she HAD to throw the 2 lb thing in there.  I mean seriously??  2 lbs??  That just doesn't seem healthy.

I eat HEALTHY foods.  I am not gorging on french fries and Ice cream.  I do yoga twice a week and take daily walks.  I am doing the best I can.  Right now I am trying to be a GOOD mom to my babies by being HEALTHY!  I don't need some doctor trying to put me on a diet! 

So what do I do?  Change doctors?  Or give her another shot?  I KNOW I am being healthy and don't need to stress about anything else.


Allison said...

I might give her one more shot and if she keeps up on the weight gain harping, I'd look for someone else. You're pregnant. You're gonna gain. And if you're small to begin with, it's gonna be more than the average bear.

If she only gained 2 lbs with TWINS, she must be pretty good sized, and I'd have a real hard time taking weight gain advice from her. But that's just me.... I need the people I take advice from to be walking the walk.

My Vegas said...

Ummm, if you are feeling a bad vibe already, I'd think about switching ASAP. 6 pounds is completely normal for 1st trimester ( and hey, congrats on not puking. I am thoroughly jealous!).

Rosachka said...

Sorry for such an unpleasant experience, when you should be enjoying every moment.

My two cents: on one hand, hopefully, she is thinking about your well being and that of your babies. My friend who was a bit heavy ate non stop and by the end she gained 60Lbs and she was carrying a singleton, but she was NOT eating healthy - mostly bread and pastries. Then she was told at labour that her doctor should have told her to consult a dietitian. But with twins 6lbs, I don't really think it should be such a big issue for you to be put on a diet, especially if what you are eating is healthy.

On the other hand, being overweight myself, if somebody including a doctor, told me anything about my weight, I would be calling a new doctor before leaving the office :)

Krista said...

I don't want to upset you further but if I were in your shoes....I'd change OB's. It seems VERY strange to me that your OB told you she gained ONLY 2 pounds with her pregnancy and that gaining 6 pounds with twins in the first trimester is too much...that is ridiculous! You are still early enough in the pregnancy that you can still switch OB's. If you aren't feeling comfortable with your OB and she is already upsetting you (over something she really shouldn't be) then you might be more comfortable with someone else.

Anonymous said...

Wow- I would come home and cry too-.
It seems her advice is a little crazy- I think 6 lbs is perfectly normal. In your pic that you posted you look great.
It is good that you know that you are healthy and doing what is best for your babies- but it has got to be very annoying to bd told differently.
If it was me, I would probably switch OB's unless you are very attached to her and respect her for other reasons.
The 2lb comment is totally inappropriate-!

Liz said...

I agree with everyone else and think you should consider a switch. 2 pounds during a twin pregnancy, that is just absurd. She must be one large lady if that is the case.

I think you look great and are making the best decisions for the babies. One of those good decisions might be ditching this OB. Go with someone you feel comfortable with. It's not a good thing she's already making you uncomfortable and causing you to feel like crap. How many times have you been to see her?

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