Wednesday, September 7, 2011

One Month Old...

Its hard to believe that a whole month has gone by.  Rocco and Maximus are 1 month old (yesterday).  They are growing like crazy and and we are learning more and more about each other everyday.

I've learned their cry's, I know what they need when they need it, and mostly its food!  I know when they need to eat or when they just need to cuddle and boy do they love to cuddle... especially in the middle of the night :-)  They love to smile and make faces at me when they are content with full bellies, I love to watch them (I know they don't know they are smiling just yet!).  Maximus is especially expressive with his face and his smile literally melts my heart.  I can't wait for "real" smiles!

The past two weeks we have moved in with my parents.  Our house is under construction for the mold issue we had months ago.  We had been fighting with our HOA for the past six months and we finally won!  They didn't want to pay and they lost!  It is horrible timing, but at least it is getting fixed.  As much as I was dreading the move and the work on our house, I have appreciated the extra hands with the babies!  My parents are great and we have actually been able to have a date night!  It was a really fast dinner at a nice Italian restaurant.  A much needed night out after 5 weeks of bedrest and four weeks of babies ;-)

C is such an amazing father.  He is loving his boys so much and has blown my expectations of him as a father away! Having him commute to work has been taxing the last couple weeks and we can't wait to get home!  He doesn't get home from work until about 8pm so he is really missed by the three of us during the week.

Last, but not least...

Rocco and Maximus

Rocco Gianni

                       Maximus Matteo


My Vegas said...

Lovely update and photos! I am glad to hear the mold is getting taken care of. Babies are adorable.

marilyn said...

oh my goodness so precious! I am so happy for you! I am so glad your parents are helping you. Twins can be a huge handful! It is a shame you had to fight for the your home to be fixed..I hate that kind of ting.leaves a bad taste in my mouth when management does not seem to care. But turned out to be a gift since you have your parents to help:)

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