Saturday, June 23, 2012

Back of Vaca and BUSY!

First off, Happy ICLW (a little late!)!   I haven't participated in a long time!  Life with TWINS is AMAZING, but very busy!  I absolutely LOVE my life and am blessed with such an amazing family. Things are finally getting easier.  I'm getting the hang of things now and have picked up my blog again!    I'm very excited to be back and look forward to finding some new blogs to follow.  Hopefully I will gain some new readers as well! :-)

Things have been hectic around here to say the least.  After our AMAZING vacation (we had so much fun and the boys did awesome!), its been work work work.  I'm not sure if I posted this, but C's sister, who has been helping us the past year, was in a terrible car accident and is no longer working for us anymore.  She commuted over an hour each way to come here to help with cleaning, errands, etc.  On her way here, a few weeks ago, she was at a dead stop on the freeway and was hit by an F450, basically the whole back end of her car was gone.  She had a head injury, swelling of the brain, and of course whiplash.  Her car was totaled and she has night terrors about the accident.  This was her SECOND bad accident.  The first one she was ejected from the car on the freeway and dragged across the pavement, which she then required skin graphs.  I seriously believe no person should go through TWO bad car accidents in their lifetime.  Poor girl!

Now, it has been SO difficult, and exhausting running this house without help, while caring for very busy, 10 month old twins.  I have no downtime.  Last night I was still cleaning at 9pm mopping the floors.  This was after, doing laundry all day, making dinner, putting the boys down, cleaning bathrooms, etc.  90% of the floors in our house are wood too, i.e. High Maintenance!

I had hired someone right before we left for vacation, she quit in one day!  This week I did interviews for a "mothers helper,"  I found the sweetest lady, Alicia, to help me around the house a few days a week.  I think it is near impossible to "do it all" without help.  If some of you stay at home Mommies do it... YOU ROCK!


KC said...

Glad you had such a great trip! I totally agree having twins and getting things around the house done is very difficult. Sometimes my household jobs get put off and build up. I spend my husband's entire day off catching up while he watches the boys. It would be amazing to have someone help out!

Amanda said...

Glad to hear the boys did so well on your trip! So sorry to hear about C's sister- wow I can't imagine being in TWO such horrible accidents. I hope she recovers soon.
It really is hard to get stuff done with twins! I wish I had help- the only time I have to do anything is when they sleep- so ya, basically no downtime for me!

Shasta said...

LOL, I can't believe your helper quit after one day. It took me a year before I finally insisted that my MIL take the boys for a day a week (she'd vaguely offered but never really followed through). Best parenting decision I ever made!

Thanks for stopping by! ICLW

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