Friday, June 1, 2012

Hello Skinny Jeans!

9 months postpartum and I am TWO pounds BELOW my pregnancy weight! Which also means i am TWO  pounds below my wedding weight and this is AFTER TWO BABIES!  I never thought this would happen!

I did lose ALL of the baby weight by five months postpartum, however, after the holidays, with the move to our new home, and when I got Mastitus (did I blog about that?), I stopped trying to lose weight and maintain my milk supply.  Never the less, I purchased TWO new bikinis (with the help of my lil guys) for the summer and some how I found my motivation again...

I am one of those lucky ones who did not get ONE stretch mark either.  However, my boobs are NO WHERE where they used to be (I can use a lift please!).  But I am VERY proud that they fed TWO babies and gave them the BEST possible start in life!

What I've been doing... eating lots of fruits and veggies, protein (cottage cheese,jerky, fage greek yogurt, meats, etc), of course whole grains!  I just watch my portions.  For breakfast today I had french toast... 1 egg, 1 white, cinnamon, 1 piece of bread, 1 c. berries, 1 tsp. REAL maple syrup. YUM!  I try to stay away from everything fake.  I have found that all that fake sugar really makes me crave carbs and I will end up over eating some where else.

I try to do at least one activity every day, a walk, a jog, pilates, or yoga.  Consistency is key!  Honestly though, they are my workout!  I am lifting 40 plus lbs of babies all day.  My biceps rock!  I am also constantly cleaning and NEVER sit down... except to do a blog post every once in a while ;-)

Anyways, it feels so good to get back in my skinnys!  Cheers!

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KC said...

Way to go that is quite an achievement!

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