Monday, October 22, 2012

Time... I seem to be lacking it!

Seriously.  I have THREE blog posts that I have attempted to write in the last week, only to come up with none and they are listed as drafts.  Forgive me.  Life is crazy busy and it seems to be getting busier as the boys get older, I can only imagine how the holidays are going to be this year... I'm scared!  I tend to over do it and get sick come the holidays, but maybe I will have gotten all of my sickness out of me by then!?

I am sick now... again!  The boys (I'm blaming it on them!) must be germ machines.  A month ago I had the stomach flu, then two weeks ago I fought a cold off with Zicam and airborne, unfortunately this one got me.  I have a cold.  yuck!

Whats been going on with the boys? Well Rocco has been fighting a yeast rash (thank you antibiotics!) since his surgery.  He was on the antibiotics for over a month and I'm sure it really took a toll on his system.  He has been on probiotics since. I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun (natural diapers, anti-fungal cream, coconut oil, triple paste, cornstarch, etc), including TONS of naked time.  My last resort, unfortunately is an oral med, which seems to be working.  However every new thing starts to work and then it flares back up again.  Any tips or advice for a yeast diaper rash, greatly appreciated!! Then he had a funky virus which also gave him a rash all over his ENTIRE body (poor baby!).  I had never heard of these before! It didn't seem to bother him at least.  Now, he has a runny nose and I'm sure he is the one to give it to Maximus and myself.   Lots of sharing going on here!

Walking and almost walking!  Rocco is walking!  He picked it up very fast!  One day he took his first step then five more the next and so on.  It is the cutest thing EVER!  I have tried and tried to post a video and there is an error uploading. UGH! I will try again!

Maximus took his first step this weekend and then has taken a few more here and there.  He is so cute and wants to walk but is a little more fearful.  He is more fearful with most things and is a little more clumsy, so I get it ;-P  His time will come!

Something new I am doing and am VERY proud of is I started reading my bible daily (okay... most days!)!  I have ALWAYS wanted to do this!  I never new how to start a routine or I didn't think I could get up early enough. I have tried MANY times and it always seems to start dwindling. Well sitting in church one day, it hit me, or rather, I felt God speak to me and say, "Sara, you need to get up BEFORE the babies!"  Conviction!  Since then, a couple months now, I get up around 6:15 ish and get a cup of coffee, pray, read, and journal.  I absolutely love it!  I have to say, my relationship with God is improving, as well as with my husband.  God is so amazing! I truly treasure my time with Him now and crave it!

This past weekend we had an amazing time and took the boys to Catalina Island for the weekend.  They had so much fun... I so did we!  They had their first boat ride over, which is about an hour from Long Beach.  We sat out side and the loved seeing all of the boats and beautiful ocean surround them.  We rented a condo with an ocean view.  We mostly just relaxed and walked around the little town...and ate lots of food, of course.  It was fun!

Here is a couple pics from our trip...

Mommy and Rocco on the boat over to Catalina!

Daddy and Maximus on the boat!

Just the boys on the boat!  They LOVED it!

The view from our condo!  The boys were napping so we had game time!

We love the cool weather!!! I had to get a pic with their owl hats on! :)
Cooking and what not...  I have just made my first batch of FRESH Almond MILK!  YUM!  It is so easy to make and is very delicious!  I am considering switching the boys to pure Raw Almond milk instead of cows milk.  Rocco has had many skin problems and I am just wondering if cows milk is attributing to that.  

Here is how to make Raw almond milk

1. c raw almonds (soak overnight in water)
3 c. water
3 dates (opt)
vanilla to taste (opt)

Directions.  After soaking almonds, pour out water.  Put almonds with 3 c. fresh purified water into the blender and mix.  Add dates and vanilla, mix.  With a nut bag and a bowl Pour the contents into the milk bag which is in the bow.  Squeeze the bag to remove all liquid.  You will have almond pulp left over which you can add to recipes like muffins, breads, or bars!  Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed my three blog posts in one!  Hope you are enjoying your week! Cheers!


KC said...

Looks like a great trip! You live in such a great place to do little getaways. The boys are so cute, I love that in some shots they look alike and in others they look totally different from one another. Sorry to hear Rocco wasn't feeling great, poor little dude can't catch a break. Lucky he is such a strong little man and keeps showing everyone who is boss.
You amaze me with your drive to provide them with the best possible nutrition. I do my best but I am so tired by the end of the day I have started taking short cuts. Whenever I read your blog it motivates me to get my butt in gear.
P.S. Love the Quicksilver Hoodies we have them

Unceasing, uninterrupted Valkyrie said...

Hello from ICLW (just trolling nto signed up this month)

How great that you are reading yoru bible everyday! Since converting over I have been trying very hard to read my bible everyday. God is soo good and faithful to him. ESP when we reach out for him!

My son is sick now too :C I wonder if it is just the season changing?

Aspgriswold said...

Hello from ICLW! What beautiful beautiful boys you have!


My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Thanks KC! We did have a great trip! To me, the boys look as alike as my husband and myself... Nothing alike! Lol! I tell people we have a German and an Italian. It is funny how they turned out. One just like me one just like daddy :)

As for food, trust me, I'm not perfect, but I try! Making fresh food is easy, you just have to get in the habit of it. Although lately, I do feel I spend 90% of my day in the kitchen ;)

erika said...

Hello from ICLW! you have a wonderful story and I enjoyed reading your post a lot. Your boys are absolutely gorgeous, and your pictures are all so lovely & fun. Thanks for sharing the recipes. I was just doing my grocery shopping the other day and I had this random thought: in this modern world and in this crazy rush we got so disconnected from our natural lifestyles (due to lack of time and lack of convenience perhaps) ... we forgot what to eat and what to feed our kids. I applaud you for what you are doing. Our stories and interests are quite similar - I will definitely follow along.

Anonymous said...

Hi from ICLW! I'm glad I found you! I am currently 9 weeks pregnant with twins via IVF! Looking forward to following your journey.

Anonymous said...

I love Catalina Island! By the looks of the pictures, it looks like you all had a great time.

I truely admire you for getting up before your boys and reading your bible- that takes a lot of disipline! I try to read and have quiet time, after the boys go to bed, but I am usually fairly exhausted from the day. I know that if I read my bible in the morning, it would probably be more effecitive and meaningful.

I did not know Almond milk was that easy to make- I will def. give this a try.

Liddy said...

You have beautiful boys. Congrats!

An ICLW Visit from #2
liddy @ the unfair struggle (mfi, speedskating, life)

Emby said...

I've never thought about making almond milk before, I have just bought it at the store. Your boys are so cute and growing up so fast!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

I'm glad you all enjoyed the recipe!! I love to share! As for the nut bag, I just ordered mine off of Amazon!

I'm so excited to have some new followers! And looking forward to this new blog journey I seem to be on! :)

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