Friday, June 26, 2015

FET #2 and I'm PUPO! 2dp5dt

Yup!  I added a daily dose of this to my diet!  I started two days BEFORE the transfer because 1) of reading how it helps with implantation and 2) because I ate it when I got knocked up with the twins!

Here is how you are supposed to eat Pineapple core:

  • Start eating pineapple core AFTER ovulation.  
  • Cut up the whole pineapple, cute the core into 5 pieces and eat one piece daily starting the day after O/IUI/IVF transfer
  • If you don't have fresh core, eat one cup of pineapple meat a day after O.
  • Canned pineapple has been heated, therefore the Bromelian has been destroyed.  
  • Continue eating until you receive a positive pregnancy test 
I have two pineapples cut up and in my refrigerator, core separated... hoping this helps for a good implantation this go around! :)

Transfer day was a breeze!  I woke up bright and early, showered, got myself and the kids ready.  My appointment was scheduled for 11am and I needed to be there at 10:45.  Knowing I was going to take this a bit more serious this time, meaning 48 hours of bedrest, I needed to do some grocery shopping and have everything ready for Mommy to be out of commission! No pressure ;-)

I am very proud of myself, however, because I did get everything done!  I think we were the first ones in the grocery store that morning.

I had my friend, L, helping me with my kids those two days. After dropping the groceries off at home, I had her and the boys drop me off at the RE's.  C met me there, since it is right by his office.  I popped the Valium in perfect timing because I was nice and relaxed for the transfer!

We transferred our ONE 5 day 3AB, no collapsing this time around and the embryologist said it looked good! After getting all strapped in and all cleaned out she did the transfer and I honestly didn't even feel a thing, and I even missed the flash on the screen (I think because I was looped up!) and my uterus was nice and relaxed.  Sadly, we didn't get an ultrasound this time either!  I would have asked, but I was seriously out of it!  However Dr. C was very pleased with how everything went and so am I!

After they left the room, C laid his hands on my tummy and prayed over our 3AB. First, of course, praying for God's will for us, and for 3AB to nestle in nicely.  It was beautiful.  We are both hopeful and cautiously optimistic.  

After 10 minutes we walked out of there, paid a BIG bill, and picked up lunch.  I fell asleep from the time C went in to get food and come out! We went strait home I went into bed ate my giant salad and crashed.  The good news about valium is you are really able to relax.  after waking up a few hours later, I just laid on the couch while the kids and I watch a movie.  C came home early and made us some dinner.

Last March, I came home from FET and was very anxious and obsessed over every little thing!  I really did feel something different in there, however!  This time, I literally feel nothing! Nada! 

I will track my "symptoms" or lack there of...

1dp5dt- sore BB's (totally from P4), fatigue (left over from valium and p4), nothing else!  Maybe some cramps on and off, but really nothing to right home over! On bedrest.

2dp5dt- I woke up in good spirits since I am now off bedrest!  I feel back to normal.  My boobs are barely sore, if at all.  Pushing on them now and nothing.  I am a bit tired, but that can be from p4 of course and not having any coffee.  No caffeine since day before transfer and it was barely any!  I slowly added decaf  while decreasing my regular coffee, so I didn't get a headache.  It worked!

What I am going to do different this go around?  Be a good patient.  Take it easy.  No working out until heart beat.  Walking YES! No Sex until heart beat.  I pushed myself a bit last time and I would have bleeding after barre class.  Do I think that is what caused it to fail? No.  However, I want to give 3AB a good shot!  :)

Praying for our 3AB!!!


My Vegas said...

Yipee! Can't wait to hear some updates. Congrats on your PUPO!!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Yay!! Thank you!! I

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