Saturday, June 20, 2015

The Break Was Nice... FET#2 is on its way!

I haven't blogged because it has been pretty boring over here in the IF dept until now!

After my MC, we took time to grieve, but honestly, I'm A-OKAY!  It definitely wasn't fun, nor did I EVER expect to go through something like that, especially since we had such a great first IVF (almost complete failure, but ended up with miracle twins!).

This past cycle post MC was a L-O-N-G  55 days!  I assumed it would be, since I was coming down off hormones, and since I was pregnant.  Finally I started.  It was torture waiting around.

I started AF, started my patches, went in for my day 3 blood work and my estrogen levels were a bit lower to start off (aka hormonal mess!), so they had to up my estrogen patches (vivelle dots) to SIX!  My stomach is covered in sticky residue and six lovely patches, changing every three days.

I had my lining check yesterday and it was 10.6, good to go, so I started my progesterone.  I was back and forth on the whether to do suppositories or the PIO.  I researched and researched, spoke to my RE, and what I found is there really is no difference.  Doctors just like PIO because they can test the blood and get an accurate reading.  The suppositories don't show up in the blood, but the P4 goes directly to the uterus, where its needed.

There are so many ups and downs of both.  Did I want to give myself a shot EVERY NIGHT for the next 10 weeks (God willing!)?  End up with swollen knots on my bum? Hmmmm NO!  Did I want to wear a panty liner for the next 10 weeks and have to shove a suppository three times a day up my hooha and have it leak out constantly? Not swim? Not have good sex? UGH!  I chose the suppository.  The thought of having to give myself a shot in the bum every day, over ruled!  That needle is SCARY!

Good news... Transfer is this coming Wednesday, June 24!!! YAY!!!! We are super pumped!

The plan...  So apparently our last embryo we transferred in March, a 4AA collapsed at first during the thaw and then started expanding again, so they thought it was good and we transferred.  I didn't know this, until I asked yesterday!

So I told them this time, if our 3AB doesn't make it during thaw, we want to transfer the next TWO, both 4AB's, but made it to blast on the sixth day so they really aren't as high as quality at the 3AB.

I also got a prescription for valium to take before transfer to help prevent uterine contractions.  They didn't give it to me in March, so I made sure this time! ;-)

We are just praying for God's will to be done and would of course appreciate your prayers as well!

I also wanted to thank you all for your prayers and support during our loss.  You helped me more than you know! XOXO

Taken post MC! I spent this time reflecting on how blessed we are with these two miracles.   God is good All the time, God is good!


Stephanie said...

Thinking of you and the upcoming transfer!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Thank you Stephanie!! Xo

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